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The Breakup

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Author Comments

NOTICE (EDIT): Although this is the only full flash movie I've finished, I do not consider it to be exceptional, or even up to par with MY standards. Please don't take it seriously.

A short movie I threw together during my spare time in the last few weeks. It's rushed, so don't expect too much. O_o Enjoy, and happy Clock Day! :]


great movie

touching and humor at the same time, this is 1 movie that succeeds on both ^^. happy new year CC!

Masquatto responds:

Haha. :] Glad you liked it.

Happy new year.

This is actually a pretty good clock movie

as much as i like giving everyone a fair chance, I have never really liked clocks. they hack and spam and flame and constantly make somekind of hate flash.
but i would be lying if i said none of them make good flash.there are several good clock animators, and U are one of them.
This movie itself is pretty good, the graphics are okay, though how much work does it take to make the clocks?most of the jokes are pretty funny, I liked the pokemon thing.it had no storyline, exacly, but what clock flash does?

As a clock movie: pretty good.

Masquatto responds:

O_o You really should give us more than a day (seeing your signup date). Most clocks don't hack or flame, and any spamming they do is just for laughs.
I'm thankful you think I'm a good animator. :0
Yeah clock animation is considerably easier, though I have done full-body work. It does have a storyline; it's just random and pointless. ;]
Glad you liked my movie, and I hope your prejudice eases a bit. :0

hmm most clock movies suck, but not this one!

but..... those voices are truly fucking terrible man!

i'm glad that there's at least someone within the CC that makes good flashes! Good job

Masquatto responds:

Well, I'm glad you found mine exceptionally good. :] Thanks.

Yeah, I can see why some would dislike the voices. I actually thought they were cool since before I was a clock. I suppose it's preference. If it's any consolation, my microphone/sound card/that stuff sucks. Really bad. So if I were to voice act, the quality would be really junky. :[

several things...

first of all, i would like to thank you for replying to all reviews. i enjoy reading my replied reviews sometimes when i'm bored. second, great job at replying to Head-Damage's review. i nearly laughed out loud when i read it because it was dealt with in such a clever and sarcastic way.
now to actually reviewing the movie. it was probably one of the most brilliant works of art i've ever seen. everything was funny in it. i loved it. the voices were perfectly synched, the drama effect was wonderful, and the humor was added at the best possible times. it didn't seem rushed at all.
favorite line:
"How do you want Clearclock to get revenge? [pauses] Wait a minute, nobody gives a fuck about what you want!"
Hahahaha, sigh...
K, one more thing: if i would actually start making flash movies and get good at it, could i become part of clock crew? i love your guys' animations.
Thank you for reading my long winded review.
|2//\//|) 7|-||233

Masquatto responds:

:] I'm sure I enjoy getting and replying to reviews just as much as you enjoy reading replies. Glad you liked my response to that oaf.
Haha. I'm glad you found the movie to be so great. :] Most of it wasn't rushed _too_ much, but the ending parts were actually done on clockday, and were in fact done 2 times because Flash crashed the first time. :0 (By "ending parts" I mean from "Clear's Hose" and on.)
Yes, that line seems to be one of the favorites. Seriously, do you really expect someone as lazy as me to make four different endings? ;]
'Course you can be in the CC. Just get the basics of Flash figured out, and run on down to www.clockcrew.net. :] It's nice to see some newer users who enjoy clock movies.
Thanks for writing the review. ^-^


you've outdone yourself my good man, this has to be one of the most beautiful and outstanding clock movies ever!! your helping the clockcrew reputation out to a better tomarrow, and i thank you

Masquatto responds:

:} You're too kind. Thanks for the positive feedback.

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
10:31 PM EDT