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Zelda Sing Along Fun!

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First go at a Flash movie. Designed in Swish, so that's my excuse for having no halfway decent moving about effects, and bad timing. Yes.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.geocities.com/bakagnome/linkuss.swf
Not too hard, is it?
For gawd's sake, have some sense and right-click and choose 'Save Target As'
And please. If you liked the music, tell The Rabbit Joint. They'll love to hear the praise.

Addendum 04 [31.08.01]: *sigh* I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE RABBIT JOINT. Furthermore, since I see no evidence that SOAD did the song, and since Joe [from Rabbit Joint] actually responded to the emails I sent, and SOAD didn't, I credited The Rabbit Joint. Also, since the song isn't mentioned on systemofadown.com, I took that as further indication I'm right. However.. I am still willing to change the credit to another band, a long as I am provided with INCONTROVERTABLE EVIDENCE that it was that band. And by that I don't mean emails saying 'it was [band name] change the credit u fag or ill kill u'.
Now. Normally I wouldn't be this ranty, but an overflowing inbox and a half-bottle of Kulov made me lose a few inhibitions. Apologies to whoever's offended. ¬_¬

Addendum 05 [03.09.01]: Congratulations to kenny82, who got all the lines out of the movie correct, even 'Joe was here'. He should be very proud. Yes.

Addendum 06 [12.09.01]:
Just.. fuck.

-DGi ð


...I'd give this a million out of 10 if i could

Godlike, l33t,masterful are some of the words that describe this work of art. The voice over is amazing! I'm gonna watch this and vote it *5* every day! Well maybe not...

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One of the BEST movies on Newgrounds

First I would like to apolgize for not writing this sooner. The first time I saw this was in late July, and I couldn't stop laughing or watching it over and over, literally. Everytime I come to write the review, I watch it again and then I can't stop. It is THAT good. The rating system doen't have a number high enough for this. The song is now permanently engrained in my mind. I watch it at least twice a day to get my fix, it makes my day worth it. Keepem coming

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System of a down.. jeej

Great movie!


That was a great interpretation of the game. The intermission was a nice touch too.

That is THA style!!!

This song and the flash are pure genius!!! What can i say? words are useless to describe this piece of babe of animation. If there is something i loved most it was the dialogues from the sprites.
And Zelda is right: is it really "the legend of zelda" or should it be "the legend of link"? Maybe "the legend of a cool-song-that-made-Gabe-laugh" sounds better and more intriguing >:)
Dudes, you should see this flash, after that you can live a better life full of happiness. No, seriously.

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3.93 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2001
8:04 PM EDT
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