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Cats & Dogs part I

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Thx to all reviewers and voters, I love you :o

This is the story of the war raging between cats & dogs. Why? where it is leading their world?

This first part is the introduction.

This animation took me 3 full weeks of work. The next part is already started and will be relased within 2 months. I'm not a native english speaker so, if I made mistakes, please tell me.

Enjoy :)



GO DOGS! w00f! w00f! w00f!

Way too many apparent catlovers here. I'm allergic to felines, so I am biased but more of you dog supporters out there need to step up! I am tossing in my allegiance with the canines. It is like the ancient feud between shinobi and samurai. The cats are like ninjas and the dogs are like samurai. Spirit of the wolf all the way!

Death to all tongue-bathing hairball gaggers!

Really good

I enjoyed it emmensely and cant wait for the next part. Yuor grammar and word usage is a little off though, so maybe you could have someone that speaks english fluently look it over before you submit your next one.

Nice Concept...

I gave the sound a 7 because the music was good, but the woofing of the "general" really began to piss me off. Nicely done.


The "woof-woof" when the dogs were talking was a nice touch.

The only English error I noticed was the "diet" line; should be "on a diet".

nice work

Animation and audio were pretty awesome, I didn't much like your style but thats only me. Good cartoon though.


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3.98 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
4:23 PM EDT