Metal Gear Toast 2

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*Note* This movie is not supposed to make sense. If you want a movie that does make sense, go watch something else and quit your whining.

Solid Snake kicks major ass in the Metal Gear Solid games, but few of us know what Snake does in his normal life outside the games. Metal Gear Toast 2 continues the completley hilarious adventure Snake has somehow got himself into. This movie contains more laughs and more action than the first, and it is sure not to disappoint fans and non-fans of Metal Gear alike. Enjoy.


the upside and the downside

the downside is u made fun of metal gear which is the best series of games in the world.the upside is that arnold thing made me fall backwards it was fucking hilliarious make a sequil wit raiden and arnold and the dude in the tighty whities team up on the powerpuff girls or somthing. iloved the movie but the sequil has to be a game


shit this made me pysically laugh until i coughed up flem
dang make 1 on raidens life cuz its the best thing on NG
for any1 who dont like this u have no sense of humour and shud be shot. fucking gays.

Silly Buns

Will people stop saying that this movie is rubbish? It's actually quite original and I can actually imagine Snake doing the things mentioned in this animation.

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Worst.. movie.. ever!

I take back what I said about Metal Gear Toast 1. THIS is the worst flash movie I've seen in ages! Hell, it's the worst flash movie I've ever seen! Where's the humour? Hidden behind the overused laughing Arnold?

fucking awesome!!!!

this is awesome greatest flash EVER!!!!! oh and by the way ownage143 this is not pointlesss THIS is one of the greatest flashes ever made and i mean that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4.32 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
4:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody