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B is for clock

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2005 clock day vid, I know it sucks. I was 12 in 2005......

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hi dewdz

this is FunnYz


i liked the 2005... hehe alittle

Okay I guess

Well, it was kinda cute I'll give you that much. The little music gave it some interest. However, it kinda sucked that the dominoes didn't even go all the way through. And the picture was kinda bad..... well at least you know it sucks. I'm sure you have better stuff than this....... :\


I like the idea of doing a video like this, but it was poor quality, looked rushed, was very short, and is just boring. On top of that, the dominoes stopped halfway through. If you want to do a movie with a video camera, personally, I don't think Newgrounds is the place to post it. Maybe if you did one of those videos where it's a mix between live-action and animation. Sorry, but this didn't really appeal to me or, by the looks of some of the other reviews, many other people.

High-off-cheese responds:

made in 2005 for clock day

This was pointless!

For one, I'd improve you comment, "PLEASE REVIEW!!!!" made me think straight away that this was awful, then I saw a pointless video. With msuic that didn't clash at all, try using more ..grasping pieces, there's a lot to chose from in the Adui Portal!

And finally, The writing on the paper is barely visible, in coclusing this was a rushed piece of work. Sorry to be so engative but some of your other pices are bad too, try making them longer. All of them.

High-off-cheese responds:

I made this in 2005, I don't know why people are even watching it. I know it sucks, hence the score