Broken Clocks

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Happy ClockDay! Thanks for frontpage!

It's like Broken Saints but with Clocks!

As the fate of Clocktopia grows uncertain three Clocks, drawn together by destiny, set out to save their world from total annihilation.

Loosely based off the Flash epic Broken Saints. If you haven't seen Broken Saints I suggest you watch this movie first, since Broken Saints is 13 hours long! Don't worry there's no spoilers.

Features the voice talents of StrangeClock, KoalaClock, and Secret Agent Bob!


This time, it's good.

So the trick is, make tons of flashes and by sheer statistics alone you'll make a really good one no matter what. Ok I'll go along with that. The weakest areas of this flash are a tie between voice acting and story-line. That doesn't mean they were bad, but if the author wanted to improve on anything I think that's where he should start. The Leeroy Jenkins reference was hilarious as well, and it just keeps getting funnier, ever time I see one! Leeroy Out Loud!

RenegadeClock responds:

You can't tie voice acting to a storyline. They're intangible! Thank you and Happy Clock Day!

The Revolution is near...

It has finally happened... Every submission on the front page is a Clock Crew movie! W00T <---(I hate that word)

RenegadeClock responds:

W00T!!!! ... sorry :P

Happy Clock Day!

Nail on the head!

Broken saints has been asking for something like this for a long time.

It's one of those movies where you go "why hasn't anyone else done something like this."

Not that I hate Broke saints, but stuff like that needs pardodies.

RenegadeClock responds:

Total agreement. I didn't want to bash Broken Saints because there's a lot of hard work put into it. So I just gave it a little poke in the side. Happy Clock Day!


I'm a huge Broken Saints fan, indifferent to Clocks, and I hadn't even heard of Locks until I watched this. In any case, this was abso-fuckin-lutely hillarious. It reminded me a lot of a Knox flash, which is definitely a good thing. You also did an impeccable job spoofing BS, it was plain as day which chapters were meant to be which. You obvoiusly did your homework.

As a side note, this probably won't be all that funny unless you've watched at least a few Broken Saints episodes. So go do that, bookmark this, and come back and watch it after. You'll get more of the humor.

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Nicely done.

The only clock/lock, whatever movie that has passed my inspection with more than just a hatred brewing deep inside me.

Actually, I quite enjoyed it.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
11:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody