Modern Art (BETA)

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Slightly beter than the first entry, But apparantly its clock day so everything gets through.



Why does this have a mid score?

I'd expect a substandard clock day animation to be in the decimals by now.
But yeah, I'm not going to lie about this being good just because I know you. It wasn't made to be anyway.

Bad points: The animation
Good points: It was short.
Suggestions: I agree with Jordi, make a stick animation, even if it does get blammed, you'll still have learned a lot about flash.
In fact, a good way to improve your skill is actually to keep making stick animations, eventually you'll have something that's pretty good.

chilpillwill responds:

it has a r0xor score cos i vote on it every day, lololololololol not really, i cant be bothered. -=btw=- stick anims arnt very good AS IT IS i am working on a DECENT (not like this) collab that MAY include some stick anims - could you PM me about what song you think i should use (if you ever see this that is) bear in mind (ahh get it out lolololololol) it will be about death and destruction & stuff!

Alright for a first attempt, but needs work

Well, I suppose this is alright. It's cool, and looks good. Or it would, to someone who knows nothing about flash.
Very simple flash used, just simple shape tweens...It's too short, and doesn't have much of a good point and idea behind it. Next time you could try and go for something more difficult, maybe a stick animation?

I look forward to seeing your next stuff.

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chilpillwill responds:

Believe me Jordi, stick animations get blammed instantly unless they're absolutly brilliant - besides that flash was just a piss around i made and submitted on clock day. Im now a hell of a alot better at flash

duuuuuuuuuuuude . . . . that sucked

why in hell is this getting a middle score im sorry but this is blamming material all the way its so short and pointless

chilpillwill responds:

yeh but you gotta think logically! on clock day everything gets through so why vote zero???


ah... i wish i could make crappy flash animations too, i'd say its pretty damn good but if it didn't happen to be clock day.... :-)


chilpillwill responds:

well now you can with the new JMC flash book! (attention parents, a fantastic offer awaits!) lololololol :P

yours is da best!!!

yo will its josh. yours rocks man dont know how you did it!!!

chilpillwill responds:

Hey josh!^_^
I'm glad that you think that.
Oh, and by the way its really easy to do what I did, just a bunch of shape tweens, I'll show you next time I get the chance!

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3.19 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
10:57 AM EDT
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