Harry Potter Dating Game

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I know it messes at hogsmeade. I'm working on the full version now. The new version's not going to go "You idiot!" every time you make a mistake and make you start over, but your points may decrease. Enjoy the preview! (If you can)


nice game but........

plz come out with the full version!with hermoine in it plz,im love her and dont ask why!

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killanuke responds:

I'm sorry to tell you this but my old computer (which had the only copy of this game) got busted, so this game won't be completed - soz, BUT!! I WILL, AS SOMEONE REQUESTED, MAKE A HERMIONE PRON MOVIE, IN FACT, I WILL MAKE A FULL-LENGTH FEATURE FILM WITH HARRY POTTER HENTAI! Thanx for the good review


The game fucking sucks, too many fucking glitches, but when I read the reviews I found out my 30 min of waiting was for a fucking demo:K that realy pissed me off, hurry the fuck up with the FULL version. and make the grafix BETTER, and I want Hermione in there too, Im obseesed with her, just dont ask what I do looking at pictures of her. lmfao but in all I give a 10, I love the baseline of this game, maybe you can come up with a Hermione Porn Movie? Id realy like that:D

killanuke responds:

Okay, I will. BTW this game wont be coming out cos i lost it - dont ask. However the idea of a hentai movie with Hermione in it has inspired me, so thankyou.

what the hell

u cant get past the hogs head bit!

killanuke responds:

Ya think I don't konw that!? Silly muggle...

It's awful!!

I didn't even get passed a certain part, and I found it awful.
Good luck with the full version!!

killanuke responds:

Thanks...but it wont be coming out, my computer died, sorry

its crap


killanuke responds:

Your mum's crap

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3.08 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
10:39 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating