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Bananabeard 2

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Download for your iPod: http://www.mrsimon.co.uk

(Mandatory praise to people for awards)
Thank you thank you Tom for sticking my toon up the front page, and thanks all for the daily third. I'm glad you all liked it. :) Be sure to watch 'Broken Clocks', it is truly awesome

Yep, its finally here, well half of it. For those who dont know I started this movie immediatly after I completed 'The Portal' 2 years ago, and have been working on it ever since. I dont have a lot of time :P

Banana returns to the clock crew with strange new powers, seeking revenge.


Just needs two things:

1. a scene select
2. a better beginning. "You pooped me out" just seemed immature and to be honest, idiotic. sry

The rest of the movie was absolutely brilliant. A beautifully done masterpiece with expression, and it made you think. I can't wait to see the ending fight (i'm kinda hoping you turn BananaClock to the good side).

P.S. Hey, I'm working on a StrawberryClock vs BananaLock movie that I think you might want to see. Just thought I'd let you know!

mrsimon responds:

1. The whole thing has a scene select. That'll be for sites such as Sheezyart, Deviantart and my own. Personally, I think 8 minutes is far too short for a scene select. Its not like its a huge DVD or anything.

2. Its only based on facts :P Search for the movie "Clock Tales Ep 1" and watch that.

I liked it

Brilliant. I love you. Give me a high five.

mrsimon responds:

*highfive* Now I'll go wash it k

wow man

you really outdid yourself with this one

mrsimon responds:

Are you implying my other stuff was crap? You little shit.

Where do I start?

I'm surprised you didn't have more ready for clockday but this was still one of the best clock movies I've seen. I love the look of young strawberryclock and the way you made young bananna incorperate banannaclocks old design, I love everything about it. I hope we don't have to wait another year before the next installment.


mrsimon responds:

I already have about an extra 5 minutes of footage I hav'nt uploaded online, however if I cut it where it finishes, it would'nt really make an awesome second part. This is meerly a buildup to the big big battle........ i've yet to animate :/

normaly i find the clocks retarded and idiotic

but this was actualy a good movie....il b waiting for act 2

mrsimon responds:

You'd better wait >=(

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4.09 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
8:43 AM EDT