Strawberry's Gym

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My second movie I submitted to newgrounds. I'm kind of embarassed to watch this now, but I decided to keep it just because it was my clockday movie and all. The story is a little crappy and the animation is slow, boring, ameturish etc. There was supposed to be a sequal which was scrapped after I lost intrest.


This was the first flash I ever watched on ng

I laughed so hard in some parts. This is what really made me get an account.

i realy liked this one!

omg! ure great! ­=Þ awsome dude!
ure story is pretty and ure word explication forms like g*y r gr8 also! almost vote 5! almost there...
keep goin cya!

V. Good

Had quite a few laughs congrats, my fifen are for you

Why is it that all the clock movies are getting more and more depressing and represent the clock crews death, can we not bring back the laughs that I everyone had when Strawberry submitted the .swf's that annoyed everyone :( *sigh* those were the days. Please tell me what's driving everyone to make these kind of movies, Some are quite sad...

I understand that the original CC may not want all the people joining them but we should all unite as a big crew and make amazing flash together.. :O Wouldn't it B good

Please bring back the old laughs...MBC


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Nothing else to day.

I love this flash

I saw this on Shezzyart and I'd just like to say this is a great Clock Crew flash. Good job guys. Strawberryclock is the King of the Portal.

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
4:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody