Strawberry's Gym

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My second movie I submitted to newgrounds. I'm kind of embarassed to watch this now, but I decided to keep it just because it was my clockday movie and all. The story is a little crappy and the animation is slow, boring, ameturish etc. There was supposed to be a sequal which was scrapped after I lost intrest.


Man, that was close!

I was getting worried that I wouldn't see another awesome Clock movie. All these fake Clocks have been spamming the portal with crap, just because it's Clock Day. People like you, are the true heroes of the portal. This is YOUR day, not theirs. Great job on the movie. The animation looked great and the humor was fresh. You should be proud.

Happy Clock Day! <3

CrustClock responds:


Wow thanks.


Happy clockday crust :D

-Twig Clock


Finally, something decent to come out of this clock day fiasco.

good job man, quality flash :D

WOW!! A REAL movie!

And it's entertaining too! :D

Thanks for making an actual movie!

CrustClock responds:

no problem. These other clock noobs are ruining clockday >:(

A great movie man, an ACTUAL movie at that.

Sweet man, great story, but the fact that whenever you click the screen you go back to the menu really annoys me!!

Thank god this is a real Clock movie, you should see the other under judgement flash at time of this review, seriously, they're ruining Clockday...

CrustClock responds:

Thank you rupee. I worked on this two monthes ago when they said to submit your best. But these jackasses just thing its a chance to up their batting average >:(

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
4:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody