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There might end up being a longer one with more scenes and characters if this goes over well..


It was not by my hands I was once given Ale!

HAHAH!! Dude.. that was fucking funny... parody of the SotN Lines. Actually, if you do make a sequal, seriously take all the lines of the SotN game and just turn that shit around like you did with Drac and Death. Fucking christ, i fucking died when he did the whole line of It was not by my hands... LOL! Keep up the good work, Flash Solider.

I love it

Great on the Lines with SOTN and mix it up with something else. Laughed my ass off on that when I see the first segiment

4 to the 9

kinda repetitive, but overall good. i love your artwork. id love to see more like this (only, without the repetitive). i really did like it tho.

i think you couldve improved this by adding a scene with other characters and more jokes. but this, standalone, was very good.

Dude that was nice

nice work do another one of those ok.

SAD! only 29 fFFffFF^ ^'n reviews? ><"

wow now i am pi^ ^'ed off this only got 29 f^ ^'n reviews?! i can't believe this... this stuff is funny unlike other crap thats rated better than this. but there are a few who ARE better entries..
hell this was great. and also it's funnier after you play castlevania - syphony of the night and defeated both up-side-down and right-side-up? castle's lol.... and dracula sounds like he's just sad becuase he only has 1 friend... maybe he should be talking about his son Alucard! about him not stopping by every so often... to slay some humans rofl. alucard thinks humans r his friends.. so yea makes sense why they arnt really "family" ...meh.. Alucard is the F^ ^'n sh^ ^ hehe. 9/10! MAKE MORE! WE ALL DEMAND MORE! ALL 29 of us.... well 28... i dont know.....

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2005
11:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody