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There might end up being a longer one with more scenes and characters if this goes over well..

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Well that was humorous. I liked how the jokes tied in with the actual dialogue of SOTN. Good job.

Gotta be honest the jokes were kinda lame. Least you tried though

great cartoon, it had a nice design (i liked how you did dracula, and death), and a nice stream of jokes, like the one about the bill for the beer, or the one about how death's mug is as empty as his soul, or about how he doesnt have any guts, and then death telling him to stop saying jokes about him...
great stuff!
i also enjoyed thouroughly the details, like, when death was drinking beer, it fell on the floor, since he's a skeleton.
good one.

a very good animation, and a very funny cartoon. well-drawn, and funny.
do more like this, i loved it, and im not even a castlevania fan!
keep it up, bro, you're great!

its great just simply great

Hey death...

ja ja ja, a miserable pile of secrets, you have no guts ja ja ja that was great, the only flaw is the animation that could be more fluid.