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Socom: Im a Captin

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Author Comments

*this was never really intended on being released*

this is the pilot to my new series Socom: the animated series

I'm a Captin is a joke on how alot ALOT of online players with the captin rank lag(you know you do...we all know)

this was really just a pilot, to see if we could get our thoughts from our heads into a flash movie. you will notice alot of expermentaion with this one, and a mix of manga and western art was used.

the future series will not look like this one so much, but the art is improved of course, and the main punch lines are stronger.

well i hope you enjoy.

fun facts:
30 fps
there was 4 doffrent versions of this one.
we had to cut stuff out due to size limit, and stuff so stuped weven we ddnt get it.

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Nice Job

I like the Western anime sorta feel, although some of the animation looked a bit so=so, but still that was very good. The "I'm a captain" Joke reminds me of an old Quake 3 joke. "Of corse they're all dead, i have the BFG" Then a sniper promptly shoot the guy. Over all, i like the punch line, love the animation and the gamer reference. Keep up the excellent work :D


lol that is funny, I play all the socoms (except socom 1). People take waaaaaaaay too much credit just because their a "Captain".

socom name = S.H.A.-.D.O.W

I got socom

My Socom name is ICY-HURR... if you still go on send friend invite, or clan invite and ill know its u.

Ani-x responds:

i play socom 3,, when i play that is..
i get on socom once every couple of weeks.
altho i have been known to not log in for a month or so on end.
anyways, In game name is -Wu-Seoul


I love Socom henceforth this kicks ass.

Ani-x responds:

thank you sir


SOCOM kicks ass, and this is by far the best submission on the game to date. The liu Keng scene was cool. And how did you get the voice and music for the game? did you record iut straight from your TV or rip it off the internet? Either way, I'd love to see a different map done. Foxhunt would make a kickass flash.

Ani-x responds:

pretty much just recorded them from the game.
well as far as more maps, this was a demo to the series, but now, the series is scraped compltly. i am, however startinga new with socom 3 maps and new jokes and hopfully(crosses fingers) enough voice actors to get it rolling.

thanks for the review

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2005
2:47 PM EDT