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*Wow, AOTS...I'm speechless! XD*
*Thanks for frontpage Tom! =D Thanks to Kenney for his amazing idea and computer+virus graphics*
*UPDATE: I have fixed all the bugs that were stated in the reviews, the save function works perfectly now. I also fixed the boss bug. Enjoy!*
*Note: I highly recommend reading the instructions before playing*
*Note #2: The boss comes back 4 times so I suggest you get max health upgrades. DO NOT SHOOT THE GOLDEN ENVELOPES! They give you money when they reach your computer! =D*

You must defend your computer against viruses, spyware, spam popups and many more! Every kill gets you $7 for you to buy new upgrades.

Mouse to aim, click to shoot. Watch your heat gauge, if it reaches the end your computer must reboot and you will become immobilized for a couple seconds.

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Interesting game

I thought it was quite a good game, it was quite addictive and funny. The upgrades were pretty good and useful.


It was alright i guess. Had a great idea but there were some flaws. The most annoying thing was the laser. I dont like the fact that yo have to click each individual threat to kill it, especially since i have a touch-pad :) But with a little work on the laser thsi game will be a 10!


It needs a lot of work, first the cool down. Way too many enemies than the cool down can handle, make it shorter or better yet remove it all together. The AOL man? Pointless, all it does is destroy any hope of learning to play. The upgrades are way too expensive you can't buy anything until level 3 and the health powerups are useless. Just tweak it to be less difficult in the beginning. No game should be intense from the start.

ok it was way better back when

it was so much better before the friggin blue screen death crap and the lazer overheating thin but wtf is up with the whole aol guything? i mean first i can't friggin hit him and then when he hits my computer my mouse freaks out take out him and the overheat thing (like before) and then it'll be a good game 9/10 for old game -1 cuz this updated version sux 5/5


Great game!!
Needs medals to make it funner, like every 5-25 levels, and then like certain achievements.
All in all good game

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2005
8:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed