The Spaceman

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okay i'm gonna start by saying what i added to this game.
I added animations for your character
I added a point system, a coin earns you one point and completing a level earns 5 points, there are 5 coins in a level. my highest score at any given time is 100
I added 4 boss battles, 3 of which i rendered in swift 3D
I added unlockable features, you have to complete all 30 levels to access them
I made 30 levels all loosley based on places in our solar system.
tips: hold down the spacebar to jump higher, tapping it won't make you jump very high. tap (do NOT hold it down)the down arrow key to crouch and tap the up arrow key to get back up.
my brother andI have gone through and tested every level and they are all beatable. on levels with platforms that move up and down, hold down the spacebar to stay on top of the platform. i thats all the tips i can think of right now..
enjoy my game!

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its funny when ur being hit!

pretty kewl

I like platform games, their fun and perfect to play at 1am when I'm tired, but I don't want to sleep :)


this game blowz!!! if people wanted to play crap like this they can go to blockbuster and take out that gay iceman game!

Hazard-Productions responds:

idk, I think it's all right, considering it's a 7th grader's first real stab at game design...

Great game

Love it, I'ma add you to favorites, but the ice blocks on the first level were so that even if you aren't touching them you di, I know it's annoying when people tell this... But Keep up the good work.


i guess

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3.50 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2005
12:48 PM EDT
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