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I am relativly new to flash but not animation and must say I have found it to be a very useful tool in my productions. I am still learning a great deal about the capabilites of the program but what I lack in knowledge I make up for in creativity.

This is a trailer for a future cartoon series I am planning to make called TechenoSama. It involves a few of my characters trying to find a way to remain united as one of the main characters leaves the group.

It's got decent animation and some shading but like I said its a trialer in progress so hope to get a lot of feedback to help better future produtions ^^

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Excellant anime art

Part two of my Arien quest:

I qualify my title Excellant art with the word anime because many people do not considet anime to be excellant but irritating and silly- you have to face that when you look at your reviews and your score on a general-purpose flash animation website. It doesn't mean you shouldn't come here or something if a few people don't like it- you jsut need to bear it in mind.
Again it says in the notes for submission to consider the Alphas for test/previews/teasers and you have blatnetly dumped something which has little entertainment value on its own in as a submission. Again you have got a good score becuase people recognise the skill in the work and wanted to encourage you despite another dreadful title- the kind of thing you call a file in your computer, or maybe in the alphas- not the kind of thing you want when you upload it. Newgrounds is the biggest flash website out there and shiploads of people come here- thye are not your mates popping by to see how you are getting on- that what Devian Tarts do (lol I am one) stat whores come to get stats and the rest come to be entertained, so imagine you are submitting to a cinema!
this time I have not studied your reviews- we are asked not to review others reviews and I risked my reputation to give you advice with the other one.
Trust me- I am on your side, however stroppy I sound!
Best Wishes,

One of the best

That is one of the best flashes I have seen in a very long time.
I would like to talk to you about making a game about this. Not a flash game a fully coded game that would look about for the SNES GBA graphics. Email me if you are intrested at evman223@hotmail. com


Hey you know my brother right? If you don't his name is ChaosWolfGod. Or CWG for short. He said I should see this and said I would enjoy it. And guess what... I did!!! You are awesome and should make your own cartoons. Seriously!!! Oh and can you please tell me how to write back after you post something. My brother also wants to know. Oh nad my bro says keep up the good work. Same from me!!! Make the first episode please... and add a little more violence. Okay chow. See ya later.

merit44 responds:

Hey sup! Yeah I've spoken to your bro a few times. Cool guy! Hey thanks again for reviewing this submission. It's nice to see the word is starting to slowly get around about this.

I'm still trying to complete my holiday ep which is a long, long, long process but will be better than all my submissions to date.

I'm making a movie out of this series although I'm not to sure about a actual cartoon series. I have plans to make the actual series into a comic book cause I just don't have the time or the funds to animate it past the movie which gives the basic introduction to my series TechenoSama. As far as violence goes, I'm not huge on blood and I feel I can make a decent anime type flash without a lot of usage of it but for the movie which for those curious is called "TechenoSama The Summons" it will be on the dark and grim side so no worries there. Heck, even a death scene or two is present so the violence will be there in the final production.

*BTW pownreaper*: you can reply to a post by signing into your newgrounds gold account and going down to where it says portal options and you will see an option that says you can edit and review your submissions. You just click on the name you want to review and start writting ^^ Well, till next project my friend!

Just two words..."Flipping Amazing"!!!

This is amazing!!! You draw awesome(I wish I can draw like you) and you have a cool story line that I am looking forward too and the music was also great. But I advise you to work a little more on the action...If you want no one is forcing you but maybe some blood would give this series a boost in violence and some insane scenes. Still good though!!! I'll be starting flash soon!!! I hope my drawings are as good as yours(even though they won't)lol...wish you luck!!! XD WOOT! P.S.- Thanks for the response!

merit44 responds:

Hehe wow thanks again! I just took the time to recently learn how to post but believe me I like to make a habit of it since people do take the time to respond back ^^ Your getting ready to start making flashes eh? I do wish you much luck cause they can be some of the most tedious task you ever have to face. I don't really know what to say in regards to the artwork other than make sure that every scene you do meets your satisfaction cause if so it will probably also meet your viewers as well. It also takes so practice but if your dedicated enough I'm sure you will do just fine in the long run ^^ Well, I can't wait to start viewing your works as well so I will check back every now and then to see whats cooking on your side of the woods as well. Thankyou for taking the time to check out my works. I hope my TechenoSama Movie will be my best works to date ^^

Wow... OK

I have to say it looks like an intreguing series, but it also looks like you got tired after working on it for a long time, and threw this together to try and give yourself a boost to finish with (to hear feedback and get motivation). Well, here's my feedback. The story looks very interesting, and a few points of your frame by frame animation are incredible, however, you've worked so hard to do those little snipets of animation that you've kind of thrown the rest together. I realize this is only a teaser, but I'd suggest storyboarding your work, and creating the entire animation using only the storyboards as visuals the first time through, then fleshing it out with audio, and finally animating the portions that are most important in FBF and the ones that aren't , use slow still frames that don't show mouth movement etc. Best of luck! I'd love to see what you come up with.


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4.28 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2005
11:56 AM EDT