School Secret's Part #1

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School Secrets :

There is a secret floor under the school that they covered in 20 years ago but it was supposed to be a vampire graveyard.

Apparently the floor that they sealed locked all the vampires in there but now some ones opened it up again and the vampires need to feed!


Wayyyy too short.

The graphics were good, the sound is a little loud ans screetchy on sensitive ears. And please submit it as a complete version. A big fat to be continued is the worst thing when you are just getting into a good flash.

's ok

well... its all right.. if u made stuff happen... and if u made some voices... and when she goes "and now som1 opened it!" was a bit to... umm.. wots the right word... anyway my point is u can do a lot more to make it better. but it has some potential


yah, really short, nothing much happened, and the sound was really crappy, only the begginings of different sum41 songs. nice try though

uhm yaah ook

Hp2 overdose
not original
evil teacher zombie maybe, but not a vampire


Hahahahahahaha... o... oh that was funny... what?... you say that wasn't supposed to be funny... oh well... lets go to class

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Aug 12, 2005
7:22 AM EDT
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