August 11, 2005 –
July 1, 2010
This entry was blammed by our users.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Well this didnt turn out to be hate art, but an animation to tell the story of some glock haters. Anyways, i it me, or are you getting tired of the glocks spam animations that get blammed? anyways yeah.


the glock group is stupid and gay im aganst them thanks

Well I'm not against the glock group in any way, but this was nevertheless a watchable piece of flash. Simple graphics and a shallow plot, the music was good though . . .anyhow, keep it up!


but its a bit short anti-glock stuff is cool there flash sucks and how they got in newgrouns i got no clue but keep makeing anti-glock flash its badass

It was funny yet some of the Sound effects were tooo loud I couldnt hear

Peace in Chicken grease

I like anti-glock stuff and this one wasn't bad either. Good graphics, good sound, short and sweet just the way I like them. stupid glocks...

Good i hate those stupid glocks

Do you know what i find irronic of might lock legion?

You draw those crap ass sons of bitchs better than there original makers....

Seriously some no no... ALL of there "flash" are just seizure inducing crap...

crappy videos are just What, why and HOW?

Questions i ask myself everytime one of these clock/lock rip offs pop up out of the primordial crap

What the hell was the point?

Why the Hell did they release this pointless crap?!

And How in gods name did it get past judgment!?!?!?!

Via la Lock Legion!

but the glocks are hands down the worst of them all. well exept the barney bunch

I like the clocks i dont really like the locks but still their funny and i dont have anything against the glock group but you know theyre just rip offs of the locks which are rip offs of clocks. And I dont even think the clocks hate the glocks but this you make the clocks look like theyre evil! They most certainly are not! And what is with the letter over the clocks faces huh!? The glocks arent even popular! And i have but just one question.....if there is a
StrawberryClock(king!)and a strawberrylock(will never be king!) then where is the leader of the glock group is it pineapple or what cause ive never seen strawberryglock!

I used to hate the locks,But once the war was over and they had peace I liked them.
U guys are no exception.
Since ur not at war u give me the benefit of a doubt.
Its good but I hate pppl that blam stuff like this Automatically

do not continue this or there will be mass anti anti glock carnage in the game we are making at gg ,
Masterchief head glock

The Newgrounds revoltloution(may not be spell right) begins.
All glocks must perish! Also make screen size bigger.And movie longer.

Now thats a group that gets my full support. I cant stand that glock crap.

Well normally i HATE clock animations but this one................

you just made some more glock you dick.
fuck your a noB head

But the text was difficult to read because of its size

...that kind of describes us clocks and you locks too. Though, admittedly, we at least have the redeeming factor that we have SOME good movies and games, which the GG has yet to come up with.

you promoted my movie! I <3 you guys!

Hahaha you diss the glock group saying they make spammy flashes...

then look what you go off and do with the Jew Jihad.

Let's see; ''the portal'' is hating on the Clocks so ''the portal'' bashes the Clocks.
Here come the Lock Legion and they get their fair share of abuse while bashing ''teh Clock Crew''.
Now here comes the ''Glock Group'' to get their fair share of abuse.
I hope they can take it and respond with a Flash that is worthy of a Front Page link. I have yet to see a ''Glock Group'' Flash that is worthy of a 4 vote. So far the best they can do is a 3...

This totally ruins our reputation!@ Oh nooooooooooooooooo! Internet is serious!!! OFHFAAHF ASDF.


And Adren, I'm happy to see you finally got an NG movie over 3.00. Took you long enough.

glocks <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<lock<clock thats how i will always see it. i only wish you made it longer 5/5

The animation was smooth, the sound was crisp, this was a swell peice of animation. I fived this one!

As the king of Glocks, i hearby say that movie needed more of the king.
But, as a part one i do say my army will CRUSH YOU hahahahha!
Anyway, it was swell.

i liked it.. a bit short it seemes but i liked it. and i dont say that often...

I Voted 5ive, fo sho!

i'm fucking tired of these glock movies too! this flash sucked but it will pass because it sends a good message. maybe you can make a better flash that will get frontpage and truly spread the message to all that the glock group sucks and is going nowhere.

Yeah, the whole glock thing is getting old, I'm really tired of their constant crap they submit... Only problem was, I couldn't hear the talking when the music started playing. Don't get me wrong, the music quality was superb, but the voices and SFX could've been a touch louder when it was playing.

that 5 second part of the glocks u did was the best glock animation i have ever seen :P


Good, even if I don't give a shit about (c)(g)lock

What's up with the file size, though? A bit big for such a short flick.

Great and who sings that song and whats the song called man that use to be my fav song and i still love it



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