Salad Weebl

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I decided to bring 2 of my favoritest cartoons of the internet and genetically splice them together. This is the result. (btw, this is only a parody, this really has nothing much to do with actual salad fingers series / weebl & bob series. woo) ---
[Edit] - Youve had to of Watched Weebl & Bob and Salad Fingers BEFORE you watch this submission. Makes sence yeh?
[Edit Edit} - Dude- Thanks For Frontpage! Its Been My dream to get to Frontpage. And Now i have no dreams! SWEET!


jds666 you are talking out your bottom!!

That was spectacular! I know that everyone is entitled to their own oppinion bujt in thew guy belows me case its just wrong!! Dude keep up the good work hope to see more soon.

Be lucky


That sort of takes the fun out of salad fingers, and weebl, and combines them into something that just isn't that great.

You only got a score of 6 because the actual animation was decent, and the sound was OK. If these were not as good, you wouldn't have scored over a 3.

To that person that voted "10" : Are you insane? This deserves no where near a 10. 7 MAX is how this should be ranked.

So yeah. A few things to clear up: NEVER, I mean NEVER change Salad Fingers' voice. That voice took the Salad Fingers' series by storm. Make it not about wanting pie. I don't know. I like the idea, very original, but I don't like the final result. Just wasn't put together right.

But yeah, that's my review, like the sixth one i've ever made.

So to wrap things up: This HAS potential to be good, since it is a unique, clever idea, but it just wasn't good.

Angry-Tubby responds:

no, dude, thats WEEBL'S voice. its a splice of the Two. and weebl Loves Pie. F*ckwit

I like Hubert Cumberdale :)

It was okay..
It had no story and was kinda stupid but I gave it a 3.


Angry-Tubby responds:

thats the whole point

pretty good

I liked this. But while it seemed that you made the look to be more along the lines of salad fingers, you didnt bring enough of the creepyness with the look. But all in all, it was entertaining and you did both of these titles proud


it was good but seeing as it was salad fingers done in weebl style you should like try n do a salad fingers type voice talkin about the pie it would have been better, but anyways good work! keep it up.

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2.59 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2005
9:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody