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I decided to bring 2 of my favoritest cartoons of the internet and genetically splice them together. This is the result. (btw, this is only a parody, this really has nothing much to do with actual salad fingers series / weebl & bob series. woo) ---
[Edit] - Youve had to of Watched Weebl & Bob and Salad Fingers BEFORE you watch this submission. Makes sence yeh?
[Edit Edit} - Dude- Thanks For Frontpage! Its Been My dream to get to Frontpage. And Now i have no dreams! SWEET!



nono man, that just aint working out, the only difference from this and weeble is that you have changed his head, location and added some frames that has been drawn by a blind 6 year old with paint who just had witnessed a murder! (its a old chinese saying). Atleast change the lines! like he wants rusty pies or something...

Good animation tough...


I love it! It has the freakiness and scariness of salad fingers, and the simplicity and humor of weebl. And the fact that Bob was Hubert Cumberdale.....wanker....

could be alot better

i kinda liked how you incorperated 2 completely different animations into one. wouldve been better if you actually used youre own weeble and bob voices to add some variety. not bad though.

that was pretty stupid

its a discrace to salad fingers and weebl...?

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now before you read this know that i HAVE watched all the series.
and i gota say..it was a......interesting idea. weeble and bob are funny but it dosent mix well with the wierdness that is firth. and i am kinda dissipointed that most of the scrip was ripped .DO NOT SAY THATS THE POINT! because it is not. the point of a parody/ tribute is to show your fandom through new things, not to just rip the sound and slap a fiew cut images onto a flash maker program. it HAD potental but you messed up by having it unoriginal. and yeh the mixing is orignal but that does not makeup for the fact that the scrip is COMPLEATLY not yours.

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Aug 11, 2005
9:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody