Salad Weebl

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I decided to bring 2 of my favoritest cartoons of the internet and genetically splice them together. This is the result. (btw, this is only a parody, this really has nothing much to do with actual salad fingers series / weebl & bob series. woo) ---
[Edit] - Youve had to of Watched Weebl & Bob and Salad Fingers BEFORE you watch this submission. Makes sence yeh?
[Edit Edit} - Dude- Thanks For Frontpage! Its Been My dream to get to Frontpage. And Now i have no dreams! SWEET!



Mr Picking's and Mr Firth's animations together at last! I enjoyed this alot. To the other reviewers who gave poor reviewers I say one thing only, PHILISTINES!

I liked this

below my review are aproximatly 40% retards who cant give a fair review, and rate everything 0. Personally i think they can have their own opinion but they dont need to express it in a violent and abusive manner. The idea was good and well executed, maybe the people who are saying its complete crap are all blind possibly.

lets be honest its shit!!!

what is this...y bring them together when u cant do anything with them....it sucked!!!

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I don't give 0's often.

This gives new meaning to the term butchering, Mr. 14 year old Flash "Arist".

I really don't care what you call it: fanflash, tribute, fantoon, parody. You just took a bunch of crap from two cartoons, which are not similar in any way and do not fit together to be comedic in anyway. You stole the audio track from a episode of Weebl and Bob, and you probably screen captured the drawings too. That, or you decompiled a .swf file.

Try using some of your own ideas instead of splicing two things together to make this monstrosity. Boring, uninspired, and all around uncreative.

If you'll please excuse me, I need to go dry heave and eat a sammich. Also, Tom's name isn't "Dude".

Good concept but unimaginative

This could have been great if you had a bit more imagination in how to splice these two favorites together rather than just basically redrawing the pie episode of W&B! God knows how this made front page... Oh well.

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2.59 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2005
9:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody