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Salad Weebl

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I decided to bring 2 of my favoritest cartoons of the internet and genetically splice them together. This is the result. (btw, this is only a parody, this really has nothing much to do with actual salad fingers series / weebl & bob series. woo) ---
[Edit] - Youve had to of Watched Weebl & Bob and Salad Fingers BEFORE you watch this submission. Makes sence yeh?
[Edit Edit} - Dude- Thanks For Frontpage! Its Been My dream to get to Frontpage. And Now i have no dreams! SWEET!



i would've never expected those two flashes to come together. The idea is very original, for a parody. the people who think that its garbage don't get the joke, or haven't seen both series. So if you haven't seen Salad Fingers and Weebl and Bob, don't get all pissy at the person who made this flash. I loved it, being a fan of both series myself. thank you.

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Calm down people

Ok, first of all just wanna say that though I didnt like this flash all that much, im not about to go off and insult you like these other douch bags, >_> honestly, too many people are getting their panties in a bunch about this.

The idea was fantastic, the thing was you just didnt pull it together well enough. By using the same script you could have made it better by

1.((and only)) Doing your own voice acting, making it a creepy voice, but using the pie script, that would have been pretty cool.

You did a brilliant job re-drawing Bob as Salad Fingers, and the idea as ive said before, was actually a great one. Dont let these other people bring you down. I honestly cant see why they are getting so prissy. Anyway, all you can do is improve right? Some people liked this and you got a nifty front page award, a pat on the back is deserved ^.^


i suddenly feel the need to KILL harry potter damn subliminal messages...

mmmm pie

WAAHAHAHA my 2 favorite series come together! its a miracle!

I've never laughed so hard.

I think people look down on this because it has the story lifted directly from Weebl and Bob, but the look and style was just perfect, this is just hilarious, these two series are like chalk and cheese, so putting them together like this I found hilarious. It was the flashes of strange pictures and the dripping blood along with the totally cheesy randomness of Pie pie pie pie pie that I loved. EXCELLENT movie, definitely deserves front page, and its just unfortunate other people don't see it that way. :(

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2.59 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2005
9:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody