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Maximum Ninja - 3

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Author Comments

Hey guys- check my profile-blog thing for updates.


More funny than cool, but still fucking cool.

It was originally a nine, but I figured the Tucker max plug justified the 10.

Really, surprisingly funny. The end too, I thought was pretty cool.

There was one scene though, the part where he was killing a shit load of people in one room, that was kinda.. bad. I couldn't help but notice the people were just walking towards him and not really fighting at all. Also, maybe it was just for me, but that was a terrific slowdown that made it seem like, perhaps 12 fps instead of 28.

But yeah, that's really nothing major.

Nice job.

hell yea boyee

this was sick...its no madness but its good in a different way

one example?

this one has one of those lil things called a plot...madness doesnt

but they both (MN and madness) rock the house...

ya boyee

Holy Shit,

Front Page.
Wow man that kicks ass. But it cant be better the the Madness Combat series itself since its the orginial one but damn thats real close to it.

iloved this movie

it was so cool its is just like madness combat expt alitte better

For that ending, you suck. For everything else...

you kick much ass. While I can't say that Maximum Ninja surpasses Madness, I can say that ninja slaughters in a way that the Hero from Madness can't. From the awsome pose with the glasses, to magical powers, hammer time, and of course the retractable freakin' sword the Ninja is the flash equivalent of the man himself, Zero. Truly, being compared to Zero is a great honor becuase, come on, Zero rocks you harder than like a Dixie cup. Also, the shit soda dispenser reminded me of Poop soda from Invader Zim.
Only problem I had was the fact that Steve didn't have that evil villian aura about him. I just can't imagine himbeing a very good villian with that character design. MAybe give him a scar, or battle armor, or glowing eyes. Something to make you look at him and say, "Damn, that guy is evil!" As it is, the chicken from Family Guy is more menacing than Steve, granted of course that the chicken is pretty bad-ass.
Great movie.

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Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2005
5:13 AM EDT