Pacman 2005 DEMO

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Just another pacman remake ;)

It's pretty damn short and I'd say easy, but you know, it's all in good fun! =D


Sloppily Done

After reading the description of this game, I was initially excited. An updated, upgraded Pac-Man could be truly a joy to play. This game did not fit the bill. It didn't even come close. Apparently, the author's idea of a more modern Pac-Man game is to throw in an exotic, pit o' hell background, clip the sounds from the original game, and call it a night.

The controls are clumsy. You have some wiggle room in your paths, allowing you to go around the target dots rather than eating them. This also allows you to get caught against walls when you try to make turns.

The ghosts are dumb and move around randomly, sometimes pacing back and forth for hours. When they're killed, they appear directly in the maze, in their "home" spot. This bodes ill for our hero if he happens to gobble up a vulnerable ghost while passing through the place the ghosts materialize. Bam. Dead.

Visibility is poor. Stalactites from the background tend to obscure the dots you're trying to eat. Your power pills don't look all that different from the regular dots, and they're thrown in pretty wierd, random places.

It was a good concept, but sloppily done. A zany, fiery, hell background doesn't make Pac-Man cool or modern, while the controls and gameplay issues make this game much worse than the original.

Needs tweaking.... Not ready for pg.1 yet

This is just like alot of pacman clones. The Controls SUCK! I always seem to find that no one who does these "updated Pacman games can ever get the controls right.
I do like the new, although small, levels. But, and this can be seen right away on the first level, do not make the dot colors the same as what it is sitting on.

*<}:o) H-D

A very Good Game But.....

...the A.I. is pretty Weak I mean I have been sitting in one spot for about 20 minutes and then I juust move around to the wall they are by, then they somehow caught me through the wall, and I went past some of the pellets so i had a hard time figureing how to get them and aparrently it doents follow a exact straigt line.
If that was fixed this would be a perfect game.


Wow... Amazing!! Its the best pac-man I've ever played! Omg omg omg!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! THE BEST GAME I EVA PLAYED - Not.. Joking lol

It was fantastic for a pac=man game I finsihed it coz it was so easy =]

Super Duper Agent1.

nice 1

forget the last guy he sux.

Man u made this game so much kooler man nice work

I think u did a work on this. And as the last guy said companies try to make a cheesy remake of this game and they fail but u made them companies somethin to think about

Nice 1

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3.10 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2005
11:38 PM EDT
Skill - Collect