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I was at IHOP one day and decided I wanted to test my game design skills, so I created the idea for this game on a napkin before I left.

If you like games, game design, or bacon, you should go to http://endgameradio.com/

I intend on making many more flash games for EndgameRadio in the future.

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i liked it.

i agree with everyone that there should be sides that you cannot change on some of them, because near the end all i did was change all the sides to flat and won with -- excuse the phrase -- over 9,000 points, no pun intended. also, there is a quick drop function, so you should all stop complaining. press the F button. unless the game has been updated between now and when those people were complaining.

anyways, the F button is quick drop.

back to the point though, it was a good game, but could use a few fixes. good luck with other games ;)

its ok

it is a fun and interesting game but try to have a way to make it a bit different like blocks already conjoint, blocks you cant change and more power-ups like destroy blocks or add points or point multipliers. and when you complete a row make it disappear. you can speed up the blocks but keep the screen clear

I liked it

Just because you can change every piece doesn't mean you should. Challenge yourself to change as few as possible, or don't use hold. That early part where it seems easy becomes planning, then when the board is full it becomes fast paced and hectic.It comes down to your own mind set. The only thing was that there needs to be a quick drop function. Otherwise, good game.


Nice concept, could be good, but a little pointless - you can change all the blocks, so why try to fit them? and I agree that it would be better with a few blocks that were unchangeable. Also, the level's too long, and it's easy to get bored halfway through. It could be great with a little revamping and perhaps some simpler controls - I ended up just stabbing z,x and c randomly and hoping that it would do what I wanted.

im sorry

im sorry the concept is good but the game is just way too damn complicated

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3.70 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2005
4:58 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling