How To Draw Sonic: SE

August 9, 2005 –
February 18, 2010
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Author Comments

There is no part 3 in the making. I traced most of these pics and am leaving NG.


These tutorials were really helpful ! Good job man

shadow is 50 or somewhare
around that

i am the best on drawing retarded sonic and i master on drawing shadow

thanks to you i cant stop drawing sonic

This helped me alot, i never realized how easy it was to draw sonic characters. Thanks alot for taking some time of putting this here. :)

It would also be great if you made another with more characters such as blaze the
cat, silver the hedghog, chaos , vector, metal sonic,

this game helped me draw sonic characters better and its really helping me

Dude, I'm terrible at drawing Sonic. Now I'm good at it!

The game/animation(?)is cool.I'm still having a little trouble drawing...but it's not your fault.There getting better.It takes awhile

im a sonic fan

i really needed this for a comic!

I make flash and comics.I really needed this!

thank you now i know how to draw sonic this is very cool

this really helped me thank u

it's impossable that your game has not much steps. but.....................it's a good game. when i play this game i get a piece of paper and a pen and start drawing. plus maybie i need these drawing for my flash animation.(no promises) if you can, maybie when you make v.3 of how to draw sonic can you please put in blaze the cat, nack the weasle, silver the hegehog, meatl sonic, meatl knuckles, meatl shadow cream the rabbit and other carictors that you haven't put on how to draw sonic.

its pretty cute actually! :P

its very easy to draw sonic but if for beginers its quite hard i . but you have to practice over and over then eventualy you will draw him . i can draw most of the sonic charcters such as knuckles tails silver and shadow all that im saying is anyone that wanna draw sonic try your best


Excellent step by step instructions on how to draw the various Sonic characters. The descriptions for each part were lacking, in my opinion. Improve upon them in the sequel, add more poses and characters, and you'll have the perfect guide!


sweet easter egg ;D

ive drawn two chacracters so far but now im drawing super shadow

I found the easter egg! You have to click the TV thingie before you go to the menu. I won't say what will happen though. This is great! Even I cant draw this good. Even though HTDS3 come out? 5/5

not every person who clicks this cant draw, some people just want to see how others do it, but i am curious, why start with their eyes? a cricle works better when making guide lines and making things proportional (if i spelled that right) and the way you have them drawn out makes it look like you just traced all of them

This made me even better at drawing!this is a really good tutorial thanks :D.I suggest you make a sequel like how to draw sonic #2

this is the best one ever! (i mean the drawing) and im really glad that your making a third one so i could give you another ten but could you tell me when it will be ready?


i'v drew all of dem except shadow or knux

When I chose Super Shadow, it said "Sonic the Hedgehog (SuperShadow)". O_O

i love it! i drew shadow (pose #2) in about 2 minutes!! the only thing is, when i mute, it mutes for about 10 seconds and thats it. So in the next installment, fix the mute button, and maybe add more characters like Eggman, Chaos 0, and metal sonic. Overall, IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

This tutorial was good and easy to follow, unlike some on the web. A larger variety of characters for the next installment would be good, the likes of Dr. Robotnick and some of the Badnicks for example. My only complaint is when I click the mute button the music goes off for a bit and then starts up again, could you make it so the music stays off in the next one. Overall, very good!

it really helped me draw all the characters on it

i NEVER could draw knukles, amy, rouge or tails any good, i i am AWSOME!!!!!!!

Sonic is actually 16 year old. At Sonic X is where he is 15 year old.

so cool love it!

its good

Well, actually, Shadow is 513, I believe it says that in Sonic Battle for GameBoy Advance

thanks twotailed and great movie jumper, i learned how to draw the characters from this and by looking at pictures of sonic and co. though i cant make a flash vid 'cause i dont know how to

This is great for those who want to learn to draw Sonic & friends and it was well detailed of the description on how to do it too i also liked the layout too,everything was great with this little drawing tutorial.

this is really helpful.now i know how to draw sonic and shadow!

this is where i first drew sonic ever! Thanks alot!

btw people who read this to view the egg: after u press play it will show a tv click the tv i wont say wut it is it will ruin the surprise grate job now i can finally draw tails hooray ( D

This thing is awesome
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo l

great job but why on super shadow it says *great get ready to draw sonic the hedgehog! (supershadow) lol... other wise great job!!

this game rocks

Good, except a couple facts were wrong, Rouge doesn't know every move Knuckles does, and Amy's first game was Sonic CD not Sonic 3D (I don't know if that's a typo or not). Anyways it was really helpful, thanks.

You should put silver in the next one oh and the easter egg is when you click the tv.

exc tutorial now i know how to draw ami, shadow and rouge but i don't know where is the easter egg pls tell me someone

thx so much

If it werent for this fash I would never be able to draw a good sonic now I just have to find out how to make an origanale sonic character

and i appreciate ur drawings!u made my greatest pic so far!

They have really good pictures

I draw sonic much Better,I draw My own ideas now but its nice to know that i can draw sonic


YAY! now i can draw tails! lol

Thanks now I can draw shadow!

i can now and only draw sonic and knuckles

This game really helped me out.

i drew sonic supersonic supershadow knuckles and i think more but i will draw more in the future :)

This is real awesome but on the next one mabye add more characters because there are people who want other characters
id say shadows the hardest to draw

that is cool it learn me how to draw sonic,knuckles,shadow and tails

This is good, but one thing, when you click the mute button, the music comes back on. I know you can't edit it, but it was starting to bug me because when I was listening to my music I had to keep clicking the mute button. Other than that, grest job! I'm going to end up using this to help me with my drawings. ^-^

wat is your web anyway

thanks. the video helped me a lot and especially with shadow. now i could draw sonic with no problem

you are awesome now I can finnaly draw sonic also for number 3 put silver and blaze pretty please

Rouge's left glove was black!
(But that was OK)

on amy it said her first game was sonic 3d. It is sonic cd ok?

i drew sonic doing bala

It used to always be hard for me to draw sonic, but after this, i feel like an idiot! just wish there was 1 or 2 more people 5/5 10/10!

thank you so much dude you helped me draw sonic for the 1st time you rock. once again you are so awsome. but the problem is it took like 5 or 6 hours to draw sonic.

thats pretty sweet good job.

it's okay but shadow is silver not yellow play SA2B

you got better :D but still the last one sucked ass sooooo much

you make it harder to draw sonic


Please make more faster because these help me ALOT.


if it was posible, i would give you 12 stars

BTW, Dude below me hes 65, built to be 15 so hes pretty much 15
great Flash, Although you should make a bigger selection of music and keep up the good work you awesome ass flash maker you

hes like 55 or Something....By the way 5/5 and 10/10

great game dude

Its really good but... I think I know Shadow's age!

If Sonic is 16, and we are celebrating his 10th aniversery in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow is probally 6 then...

theres a bug where when you stopthe music it comes back on in lyke 30 seconds... but other than that its pretty helpful :)

Thanks a lot you really help me!

Sonic is 16
Amy is 15
rouge is 17 which you have right
tails is 7
and knuckles is either 17 or 18 but iam leaning towards 17 (just to help u out)
anyway real nice game, good graphics, good going!! BTW yes no one knows
shadows age but i think Eggman is in his fiftys but u dont have him so no prob!

awsome game my friends draw. the only way i du it is take a laptop push the screen up put a piece of paper on the screen and draw

thanks to this, i drew an awsome pic, thanks!!!

Great, But, I would like a second edition with more characters in it. But anyway AWWWWWWWWWWSOME!

i love it even i"k knoo draw sonic i play dis y gara say awsome

this is awesome.


the easter egg is when it is showing the tv click on it.nice game!

I thought there was...
Ah well! Awesome anyway!

i drew all six chars :) you are awesome!

Thankx! I always wanted to learn how to draw sonic!


erf. thats disturbing

I drew SuperSonic like 10 times you RULE!


DUDE I LOVE THIS!!! Especially the mario easteregg. (dnt wrry i wont tell were it is.) But theres something about sonic pose 2,super Amy(in general.), and shadow pose 1 that I just cant get right. OH well.

i can draw them now!THX!

Just try to keep it not that many megabites

i can now complete my collection.....
tnx man!!

i can finally draw them! YOU ARE AWSOM

FRICKEN RETARD! he Does include Shadow and tails in it! that just shows you are an idiot who didn't even click the play button. MORON! Just because you might like Sonic doesn't mean you should flaunt your ignorance and taint the air around us with your stupidity. Thank you.

BTW, excellent submission. Eventually I'll get around to attempting to draw some of these. Keep up the good work.

nice work vote 5


this is good but you have to add more characters like eggman, metal sonic ect

thanks man!!! This really helps!! Maybe you should make one on how to draw mario!

i could draw sonic really sucky but sence i watched this i can draw him awsomely

Now I can really draw him =)

you could add some more charaters and more music though it helps me draw nicely and make Elvain the guy in my class stop laughing at my drawings becaus he is always saying i'll not laugh but he laughs

This helps me draw better now thanks

i like the flash but....im horrible at drawing :<

I was wondering if you could insert some new characters in the next one such as Silver, Blaze, Eggman, or Mephiles. They'd be so cool in there!

Things like this are useful for people wanting to make fanart or comics about their favorite video game characters. I find it useful also. Thanks.

nice game dude you should make another one with every1 in it like eggman, cosmo, cream, chao etc etc good game tho

Try and make it so we can actually draw them on the computer, then i'd rate it higher

These are great drawings of sonic and shadow!

I found two small flaws. (Aside from the already stated Sonic CD mistake, but eh)

One, when I clicked on the no sound, it went back to looping music after a few seconds. It may be just my computer though.

And two, there's no "zoom in" button. Lol.

But overall, this helped me become a better drawer so, 9 out of 10.

This is so cool. But I can draw Sonic for now, but when I checked Amy's Info it said her First Debut was in "Sonic 3D" but she first appeared in "Sonic CD". I'm just pointing this out just in case If no one else did but still this is really cool. Thanx for this making this.

where is the easteregg

it great game but too hard to draw shadow

cool,the easter egg is not that,the only thing u have to do is first press play,then wait,and in the tv if ur fast theres a hidden button,i did watch this but when i make the characters head they look like a potato XD

i had my first flash video but its not cool cuz they blammed it for YES reason:because it sucks

It is hard to draw sonic but its a very good game.

Nice drawings

nice Drawings.Help me learn to draw mario(easter egg) and Every Sonic charcter.

nice drawings

i five 4 u

That was very nice of you to be so helpful and help out novice artists and picture drawers like me, LOL. :)

now I can draw better

WOW!That was the best!YOU are a natural cause thanks to you I'm a really good drawer.....THANKS!

P.S.i found the easter egg and it shows how to draw mario(once you press play you keep pressing your mouse:in the begining)!

Thank u so much i now can draw knux now. i suk at drawin but i can draw things now


Where da f**k is dat easter egg can sum1 tell me

Its well cool my mates used to say your drawing crap but now they say arsome work, thanks, dont call me crap but i cant seem to find the easter egg.

This is a very helpful drawing guide to help people draw: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Rouge. Even I had fun doing it!

The guide gives you step by step instructions of how to draw the selected character and the specific pose you chose to draw.

Cool game you've got here...
I also found the Easter Egg, it wasn't too hard
How to draw Mario... LOL
Keep up your good work !

Now I can finally draw all of my favorite Sonic characters thanks to you! My friends always says to me, "Man, that drawing is UGLY!" but now they say, "Cool! Nice drawing!"

You rock at drawing sonic not even i can do that.When is version 3 going to come out?

How do I get to the Easter egg? The one to draw Mario.

i agree this was a very good ...thing... it taught me how to draw and i can now draw well... and uhh were is teh easter egg?? o.O' help..

easter egg it was mario sweet nice this made me inprove my sonic drawing

you can tell me wheres is ¡cream!

I wouldn't consider this excellent. It helps to teach people what the character looks like and is good If you like to make posters and stuff. but if you make comics animate ect. this is not the place to look due to the limited poses. if you use wire frame poses started with basic shapes this would be excellent. As people learn how to draw these characters this is a good place to start but they will find themselves outgrowing this once they've got the basics down.

Very resourceful for those who wanna draw Sonic and Co.

And Runewind, what the hell is wrong with you?! I don't see you coming up with Flash, you stupid dope!

Never mind what i said, Jumper. Just ignore him.

8/10 and 5/5

You've essentially taught people how to trace, not how to draw. All you've done is taken images and broken them down to the outlines.

Just going to say...if you only do outlines, you're a weird artist. The majority, if not all, artists start with basic construction which this completely lacked.

Good idea, but not pulled off well.


This was really helpful! thanks so much now I can draw the sonic characters without making them look like some mutated gorilla! You should make a third edition with espio, vector, metal sonic, and even the forgotten Mighty the Armadillo.

Dis is 4 lazy butts who don't wanna take 3 years to master it.

Good 4 dem.

This is the best I've ever seen. It's good to have a kid watch this kind of stuff.

you should put Eggman, Chaos, Tikal, Emerl, Big, Cream, and Chao if you can get your hands on 'em

I'm really happy I can draw Knuckles now. THNX.

i think u should make a third edition with more characters.

this is cool i know now how i can draw sonic en supershadow i always wanted that and that guy before me shadow was first by eggman and now by sonic

I wasn't really paying attention to what you have to do to draw the characters all I did was look at the character info and all I have to say is are you sure shadow helps eggman??? because in some flashes i see shadow on Sonic's side


Now can my brother draw sonic beter.

Wow this is the coolest thing i have come across in a long time!! i have definitely built up my confidence in drawing thanks to this! and you will too! if there is one little tiny thing i didnt like, it was the music kept coming on even after i stopped it, but who cares! its so worth it! if you are a sonic fan, play this! its not one of those stupid draw 5,000 lines per step things its easy and profitable to your art skillz!!!

its great make more charecters such as silver,omega,cream,and for knuckles add hyper knuckles

This is a great game. It teaches you how to draw sonic, shadow, rouge, amy, knuckles, and tails exactly like in sonic x but it could use some simpler instructions.

This is a great way on learning how to draw. I'm drawing much better now, but if you make another, you think you can put more steps on each part of the character. That would help to. But overall, you did a great job. ^^

make it printalbe. mabey post a link in the description (if allowed). that would be exyreamly helpful. Great "game". and thanks for the instructions on how to draw them.

NOW I CAN DRAW SONIC EVEN MORE BETTER YAY,one thing for whoever reads dis DA EASTER EGG IS AT THE RIGHT AT THE TOP JUST BEFORE THE CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN.can u make cream,silver sonic,ashura(if u no em),metallix(metal sonic)and super nux???????

cool NOW I CAN DRAW ALL OF DEM HEHEH! but one more question can u add cream,metal sonic ummmmmm dam i forget well atleast have dose cause my girl friend wants cream hehe

yay i can draw rouge



!!!! go on !!!!

Can you submit this on a related website cuz whenever i click on "play this game!" it just wont come on. If Tom Fulp is listening,please i want to play this game but.......... i played it before and........ U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Showed this to a couple of pals, and they want a third one with Omega (Sonic Heroes), Cream (Sonic Advance, Sonic Battle, Sonic Heroes), and I want Metal Sonic!!!

Dude if you make another one, have at least three more characters to it. other than that, keep it up

This is awesome thanks to you I drawed the best Sonic picture all my friends asked me if I traced it!!! I love this. This is 100times better then the first one!!! The Easter Egg sucks! Mario is so hard to draw with that but I'm not trying to be mean.

I SUCK LIKE SHIT AT DRAWING!!!!!:< and i wana draw the sonic people so badly but if u do make a third one please make it easyer for people who suck at drawing like me

to find the easter egg when u press play the tv or something says sonicvison or some thing and it will show u to draw mario

alright i always want to draw sonic

Even though it said sonic 3d for amys first game since i knew what her first game was i didnt even notice when i read it.it wasnt even untill several pictures that i noticed.You should make another one!You could have more bonus characters like luigi, link, but robotnik , metal sonic and other bad characters would be a good addition too.But it was really good too. And it helped alot ewith my drawing skillz.And even the first one was good too.although it was only sonic and super sonic it was good i gave it some 5's.So really great work i hope you keep it up.

Just tellin' you but the first game that Amy was in was Sonic CD.NOT Sonic 3D.(she wasn't even in that)And Shadow's age is 65.

yeah, i liked it
i only did 4 drawings and my favorite one was the knuckles pose 1
the only thing that i didnt like about the flash was the music. i liked the music, but it got repetitive, and i couldnt turn it off completely
it turned on again after about fifteen seconds. you should do something about it
other than that, it was amazing. definately a 5 out of 5.

This is a really well made and helpful tutorial. The steps are easy to understand and the final product is great. It has the new poses and old. This is a great flash. Well Done!

Now this stuff is usefull, who ever is intrested in animation this is the first pla to stop by rated 5 by me


l am a dumb ass .
You are not .


TY so much for making this! it really helps! now im making little comics of sonic thx 2 u... u rock dude... i hope to get it published some day..

Nice.This really helped me in my drawing skills for sonic characters. Good job.

im so glad i already know how to draw mostly everybody in the sonic the hedgehog crew because those instructions look hard... i really enjoy drawing tails i usually get creative and draw my friends as sonic chracter styls

The drawings were pretty difficult to draw for begginers like us. Well, I'm not that very good at drawing Sonic Charactes except Tails of course. He's pretty easy to draw. Very good. But I think this is more for Advanced begginers ya know. The hands were hard for me to draw.

this game is good but the music gets on your nerves after the second minute.when you colored it it's colors are not so good.the game also preetty hardfor a beginer you send to much line to do making it hard to follow perfectly.

but something was wrong with amy's profile. You said her first game is Sonic 3D but it's not. It was Sonic CD

everything was great but for some reason my speakers stopped working so i had to give sound a 0. i like drawing lots and i like sonic lots to so this is gonna go on my favs list! :)

gonna referance it often!

btw i thought id let you know, tails debut is actually a chinese game called (in english) "tail's adventure"

(yes i am a die hard sonic fan)
most of there music also comes from crush 40 also known as sons of angels

...Just one thing, please make another one. But this time split the instructions a bit more. Other than that: the music got kind of annoying after a while so I think I'm not the only one who turned it of :P

Wow, me, i can't draw for shit, This made it fairly easy, and i got extra credit in art class ^.^


cool.i made a new caricter by cinda mixing amy and shadow(weard ha) and came up with a new cariter like a amy for shadow but with more atetod if you can give a name it would be very helpful.
please put it on your review or e-mail me at tinytankofdoom@hotmail.co m.

Since I couldn't draw this helped me alot. I saw more characters but that don't matter. Good job.

i did some things diffrint and i came up with a new girl. its a girl for shadow. like amy but for shadow! if any one can think of a name please wright it down on the review please or e-mail me!
please reply to this with some names AND NOT DUME ASS NAMES!!!
thank you for your time.

this is good for someone like me who cant draw. thanks iv always wanted to know how to draw sonic.

That's pretty good. It is still quite challenging to draw the characters though. Oh, and to the guy before, it is Super Shadow, not Hyper Shadow. That's a common error in many people.

It's ok, but the instuctions aren't all that simple.
You should try going a little bit at a time. I tried doing everything at once and it started to get tricky. Try splitting your instructions a bit more, that should make the drawing easier.

THAT was sweet i knew there was one like this somewhere. nice oh and by the way its hyper shadow not super

I sorta had difficulty drawing the characters to your directions but otherwise it was a pretty good flash

this really helped me learn to draw

My word : This flash is nice experience
By the way.My word to newbies who can't make a flash about Sonic : Try to gain experience in drawing Sonic in flash but only if you have your own style, or you make your style by watching how to draw Sonic first.

You really helped my brother learn how to draw. Before he saw this he could only draw stick people.

If you do a 3rd version with more charecters plz don't namecall us I was angry on how you did that cuz I can draw REALLY REALLY REALLY good

So plz don't do that in your 3rd v if you make that v.

i already drew six pictures!

but mediocre drawings. Try telling them how to draw more than the official pic. But overall, good flash, i liked the effects. Keep it up.

Yoooo thanks man. i used to spend three or four nights without sleep, just to draw Sonic. This is great, now i can draw it in just few minutes. Keep up the god work.

Salutions from Kaligula.

Well,I hope u make a Third Draw Sonic,This is a Good Tutorial,If u just want to draw sonic and not Animate Sonic,But if u wanna Teach people How to animate sonic,U hav to Teach them the Skeletal (Stickman) Planning out thingy first,Like the Head is a Circle with Guide Lines inside and then the body and the waist,etc then draw over it with the hair the skin the gloves,etc then Add the Eyes the mouth,etc and then Finally add Shading and Detail,Thats how ur next Tutorial should be

if u click on the screen that says sonicvision in the middle you get to learn how to draw mario

now back to the game i did the same as the last reviewer i messed up on the left glove of super sonic

good game

this is da bomb! but i tried to draw super sonic and i got his right glove wrong it looked weird and i couldn't rub it out! im good at the old-skool ones though.

dude thanks heaps for de help, i used to suck balls trying to draw sonic. now ma drwings look heaps gud 5/5 fer me =)

this is great and all, but you got amy's first game appearence wrong, its sonic cd, not 3d. shadows age is 50, you gotta remember, shadow was in tube for 50 years. and yes, im a sonic nerd, but actually, the old-skool pics were the best.

duddde this thing is awesome

You found a goood way to teach people to draw Sonic X Characters. Shadow's included GREAT poses and you showed creativity on the "Old-Skool" and "Super" parts. Coloring in was somewhat innacurate, though.

Also, the previous review wasn't true at all. Your art is great (and you selected very good poses).

At first, I tried tails. EXTREMELY hard and time consuming but I got it. Looks real nice too. All I did was follow the lines and put the paper up to my bright screen and checked.

Los I can't draw over here is probably lacking in the common sense department. In addition, lacking patience and being an"overprivileged quitter" is something that destroys people, in a poetic sense. Oxymoron anyone?

you helped me to draw rouge

this was a good game, but i have my own way of drawing sonic characters so if u doo make another one of these can you make it so i can print the final image please

yay now i no how 2 draw thnx guys! i dun loads already lol and im recommending this to my friends, cos they all bad drawers lmao xD
the first how to draw sonic was lil bit basic cos u only got 2 draw sonic, but dis one is gurdie gurd ta v much

Good tutorial, good menues. But, the coloring on Sonic's shoes looked kind of wierd. And for the previous review, it's TRACE dumbass!

However this only tells one how to draw certain pose's. Like how would one know how to draw a back side view of Sonic!? Like from this I can tell you just took some popular pics from the net then scanned them. If you knew how to draw sonic that well you would have given the how to do's to draw more natural pose's. Try harder next time!

this is great i can draw but only when looking at what i want to draw but you took it up a notch i made tails perfect on my first try thhanks./

thanks for the lesson. I now know how to draw super sonic.THANKS DUDE.

I suck at drawing Sonic and the ohter characters
Good Job!

thank you, you learned me how to draw sonic, keep up the super good work!!! :D :D

super, hyper who gives a shit

hello shadow is not supershadow its hypershadow

To prove Genral_homestar WRONG! Tails is 8! And Shadow does have a super form! If you want to see if i was right... Go find some sonic websites a READ bios.

1) shadow has no "super" form, the image of him u have is of him in his "hyper" form, dont get into chaos emralds and super emralds, those type things only apply to the oldskool characters
2) in "Shadow the Hedgehog" (its a new game) shadow was revealed as being created 50 years (plot-time) before, which means all of the characters here have to be at least 50 "game years" old
3) Tails is old enough to DRIVE, so he cant be 8

now i can draw sonic and his pals w00t! nicely done too

finnally i can draw sonic like a pro! thanks man!

I like art and drawing, but I'm not that good at drawing any of the Sonic characters-this is really helping me draw better! Make another one for more video game characters like Legend of Zelda or something!

This is very usefull. The characters are very good and easy to draw (after a bit of practicing)

I kinda knew how to draw sonic and some others already, but I really never got the details down, so its useful. A good thing to look at for refresing. Its hard to draw sonic in flash because im not good with a mouse. But thats my fault><. I definatly liked this better than your first and I like the oldschool addition.

By twitching these a mere bit, I was able to draw some really kickass comic strips. Things it'll need:
How to draw Espio
How to draw Eggman (This'll be funny, as it will spawn the earth's largest collection of Pwn3d pictures)

Even if i couldent draw i think that it was great!

This is unbeleiveable! I drew shadow cause he my fave and it looks awesome but i can draw really good detaiolsd on people and people themselves but i cant draw characters like this (of course i could anyone could but i mean i woulndt be that good! and i usually dont like coloring cause if i make a mistake it messes it up. and i kinda like pics just as drawings sumtimes.

well i suck at drawing so im definetly giving this a 10 cuz the only thing i couldve drawn were little stick ppl lol ^_^ everyday i come here and draw super sonic and super shadow and now i can do it without looking at the guide thing u really helped me draw better man my friend always laughed at me cuz i couldnt draw but since i showed them my recent drawings they all want me to draw them either super sonic or super shadow and its all thanks to u!! make some more drawing games and tell me about them plz i wanna be a good drawer ^_^ so plz tell me when u make another game like this

omg I dunno y but i come to this everyday and draw a character lol and now i can actually draw them and it will look go........okay hehe


you can draw man. you could be an animator for the next sonic game. You know what the fans would really like though? Porno pics of rouge and amy if you know what I mean! LOL but seriously, work on that.

I'm going to start practicing with this over the weekend.

This is very well-made, no crappy examples to draw, only quality work with nice step by step instructions. Two thumbs up!


Well, i have tryed some other tutorials, that is 2 hard/ 2 boring / 2....umm, yeah :|. But this is Tha bomb in draw tutor's. Its g00d, easy 2 understand and just......dang!

I personaly liked to draw knuckles, my fav char ;)

Well, im going 2 try to draw Sonic now, but you have to try this if your a Sonic fav!

10/5 really, it ownz!


This was fairly stlylish although there were a few things that made it not look so good the main one was this was more a lesson for tracing rather then drawing which is not the same thing. Drawing uses guidelines which you remove later whereas tracing copies from something that already exists... drawing without guides rarly means you get the proportions right... still a good movie here just not as good as it could be.

Great except music *though it kept me from ripping every strand of hair out of my head*. If you can get around to it email me at my yahoo: shadow_fan666 or my hotmail: angelus_the_gatekeeper. Again all my thanks and best of luck!

It was very great! I drew a few and showed them to friends they like them.
I didnt like the music because even though you try to stop it it'll come back in a minute but besides that its great. I look forward to more drawing buddys

Your Friend Mr. Prime

Yo! This is wonderful! I have always wanted to learn how to draw Sonic. Now I do.
Thank you very much.. Btw Maybe you should add more characters like Super Knuckles, Mecha Sonic, Cream, and Eggman! That would be great! Also, if you did,
I suppose I would be on this everyday!!! C ya soon!

hey this is nice man finnaly i can draw sonic :D well anyway good job you should add like metal sonic or those little chao things

Haha now I can draw sonic comics! Nice work


Now i can draw something too! Yay! The easter egg was fun too, btw. Only 1 thing... Youre explaining it well, but i draw so bad my drawings will sux 4ever... But hey, i have it in my Favorites list, voted 5 and submitted it to collections! If youre working on a Third edition you should make an how-to-draw Eggman section! Or maybe a drawing Luigi easter egg :-)
~Mr. Dark (Isnt the ~ squiggly thing cool?)

I liked the easter egg but I want to download it is there a way?please respond thanx

Shadow is SILVER when he goes super, not gold. Geez, why does everyone make that mistake? Unless if you have played SA2, you are a f*cking moron!

thats was great, are you an aries or an libra, cos there both very creative, reply back!

its pretty cool but the music sucks ass. i can draw realy good now ( but i would have to watch it if i want to make someone or els ill just suck again).

Dude thank you SOOO much, I can finally draw tails and sonic! If I had to give an award to the best drawin one, I would give it to you! I hope u can add more characters and more posess :)

Sir you have made dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can say this from experience, a lot of people who draw really crappy can really use this, mainly because of the simple designs of each character.


yo i dont undestand i went online to learn how to draw sonic from sonic team and it didn't work i did this once i got knuckles down mad good im gettin ready to try everyone else good job are you gonna do a 3rd one cuz there still are a few characters you didn't do jus wonderin if yeah can u respond thanx dawg.

Im VERY Impressed.I Also Like the Mario Easter Egg,but can you also put in more Mario Characters to Draw?i wanna draw Luigi! but i see it took 30 minutes to make the Mario one.Also loved the classic Sonic Characters!

This is pretty good jumperboi, you really know how to teach us fans how to draw Sonic and crew, but why not try another with Cream or Eggman? You're going on my favorites list

For a long time ive always wanted to draw sonic! Thanks to you I can! I'll be keeping an eye on what flash you bring out in the future!

I like how you do this so other people can draw their favorite Sonic characters; I can basically look at a picture and draw it pretty well, and I think you can, too. Now if only I could learn how to use Flash... (I also liked the music from Sonic Advance, nice touch)

its realy cool now i can draw sonic and the others but the easter egg was something from what i really got suprised well great job
crash1000 out.

ur quite tallented like me i learned how to draw sonic and CO. ages ago i just checked it out to see if they where easy crap or hard good pictures and i am impressed with the colour u can complain all u like to me coz i can't colour >.< but i can draw very good ^^ lol u have impressed me Metal_Sonic_Sonic

Really good. I love this.
Sehr gut. Ich liebe diesen Flash.

Thank you soooooo much I can draw Sonic much better Bye ^_^

If you've ever looked at the drawing books, the artist always starts off with very basic shapes, and then builds up. This is so that anyone with a lack of talent can get something remotely close to the subject.

cool. me bro monkey_nuts reveiwed dis cos he sucks at drawing lol
liked music...and the mario tutorial...plasma tele...i liked that lol...thats it lol

NOW I KNOW HOW TO DRAW SONIC!!!!! *Kisses u* THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALOT!!!!!!!!!

This is a good flash and I esspecially like how you designed the menu system... Heres when it starts to flaw. For starters this isn't how to draw Sonic, You've just given a guide on how to roughly how the characters are designed. In order to draw them properly you actually need to scetch out cirlcles then draw around them, not trace out the characters and say you drew them and tell people who know how to draw. Tracing does take a long time and thats probably why it took you soo long.

Music was a let down aswell just various irrating music from Sonic Advance but I guess it was a good choice to put in a mute button but to be honest it was a pretty poor choice in music.]

The only thing that let you down was that you traced the characters off of pictures and anyway don't let me drag you down because I complained that you traced, I know many a good artist who have used traced pictures in their animations but what is important here is taht you have talent and don't let it go to waste. Learn form your mistakes and you will become really good at what you do.

~~Peace Out

This Rocks! But Just one thing: I want to draw a Chao!

And..... The music sucked

i ust to be a rubish drawer i coudent even draw graffite thanks to this person she the gratist thabks alot

but i´m still not impressed..

This is really good, way better than the first, so much interactivity and excellent sound choices, good job man.

I like it, very provacative, so good job!


that was well made and it helped me some could you do a Sailormoon one if you are making more please?

Interactivity and sound were lacking even though there was some, but anyway. Not too many tutorials like this...can't await a third one.

But anyway, i can't find the stupid easter egg. =/.

Im not a fan of sonic but what the heck i tried this, it was kind of decent but didnt really worth the load time, still i gave you a good vote and expect to see more work from you


This is great for someone who can't draw (me DEFINATELY being one of them). The only thing I noticed was that you said Amy Rose debuted in Sonic 3D (genesis), when she actually came to be in Sonic CD (Sega CD). Keep up the good work!


Dat is hot as hell yo!!! Now all i have ta do is see 1 of dragon ball z like dat. Oh yea, how long did it take 4 u 2 learn how 2 draw like dat?

That will realy help my NintendoDS art

This should go under the tutorial section ;]
It taught me something!!!
My basement for some Apple Vodka!

I GIVE this a five out of 5

Good work there.I liked the colour u did and the shapes.I didnt see your first Edition but I liked ur secound.And since u put alot of work into this too help others thats not that gifted in drawing with their skills iam giving u a 9 :) Hope u make more of other characters from other games :) Keep it up and good luck :)

i really liked it and the step by step instructions very easy to learn and draw, its very simple and thats wat u want when learning how to draw vote 5 =P hey make another one but with zelda characters ;-)

p.s. the guy who said u traced touches lil boys


this guna go on me favs...cuz i need to pick up some tips on how to get expressions/stances right. other word my drawing is shit.
but i can draw dragons fairly good, and shit...and cool this was cool. lol. also i liked the music from wher u watch the tuts...lol

I think it was very well put together and I drew a few. But I do agree that it would be hard for people with NO artistic talent to draw them. You should be teaching them the main components of drawing the characters, not to copy what they see. That way they can learn to pose the characters themselves. But overall very nice. :)

The tutorials were not very good. You should start with basic shapes then add detail. I doubt that the poor drawers will end up with sonic after your tutorials.

Presentation was superb.

This game is very good for those Sonic The Hedgehog fans who just simply can't draw sonic. And there is very much info about Sonic and other characters.

That was a kick ass game, maybe I should actually try to draw them now. The only thing is that you said that amy's first game was sonic 3d. Did you mean this or did you intend to say sonic CD because she never even appeared in sonic 3d.

Awesome drawing skills! Next time maybe you should....

No I'm just joking. It's perfect!

Well this one is very stylish, cool music nice anmations . The menu is rocks And you have a button to shut off the music :D.

Keep up the good work !

this is reli pretty good, all nicely done and all. bravo

I remember the old version, and it did suck.

But this is great! The menus are stylish, the drawings are good, and the step by step drawings and instructions are good.

I'm an avid drawer, and drawing Sonic was one of my first dreams as a young artist and probably help me hone my craft, so you've touched a soft spot.


Wow, I've never seen a tutorial so organized and helpful. That solid month really paid off! The frame rate looked a little slow, but other than that, this submission rocked! By the way, that easter egg was the icing on the cake!

Keep up the good work! :)

I guess it is rather good, allthough, if it was hard for you to draw them (as said in your notes) why should I bother trying? Nice music choise, and I like sonic...

Very useful for people who want to draw sonic characters but just don't know how.

I only gave it a 2 for interactivity because the hit area on your buttons really needs some work. It’s a common problem which many flash games/movies on Newgrounds have. All you have to do is add a new keyframe in the 'hit' frame in your button symbol and draw a shape (rectangle, circle, whatever) over everywhere you want to be active on the button. This way even when the user rolls over a gap in the button (between letters etc...) they can still click it.


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