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Picnic Panic - TD - ATT

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update: many updates may be waiting on NG admins. And, I'm sponsored now!



update: CONTEXT MENU. disabled

update: QUALITY BUTTON ADDED. appears in the top right corner during play.

update: SOUND FIXED. you may have to reload...
(hints on full page)
I've been working on this one for a couple of weeks, it's a tower defense game in the genre of the Warcraft III mods that became so popular when WC3 was released. I hope you enjoy it , as it's taken some hard work to complete. If there are any bugs, please notify me via e-mail or a review. Thanks!

Controls are pretty simple, but there are instructions in game to help you get acquainted.

Hints: for those of you who are stuck.
1 - use the KEYBOARD shortcuts!
2 - enemies have resistances to certain elements. Some (like the orange worms) are impervious to an element.
3 - recycle and replace often. Any enemy that escapes is that many fewer resources to hit the next wave with.
4 - To beat Extreme, it's useful to know that the slowing effects of certain elements stack, that is, both can be in effect at the same time.
5 - Writing reviews encourages more games to be made by me ;)


i love this game

this is a great game fast paced and easy to understand but hard to hard at that matter

I passed it! The hardest level!

Graphics 10: Nice details! And cute fairy ;)
Style 10: I like defence games.
Sound 10: Great music, good sounds, I liked fairy voice.
Violence 10: I hate bugs, so I like then die.
Interactivity 9: Not hard to learn and key shortcuts worked. Lost one point, because when I tried to change the "turret" by clicking, I missed a bit and it made the "turret" almost under the button.
Humor 10: This flash made me happy.
Overall 10: I spend many days figuring out how to win the hardest level.
lways few bug escaped. Then I figured it it:

You can get past the last level and level before it without using fire at all. Just concentrate normal trees (5 is enough) and max upgraded ice "turrets" in the beginning and when the last bugs have passed them, recycle them and put all the ice in the end and upgrade them to max. Also couple once upgraded ice "turret" can be put in the middle of the route to slow them down and give more time to move the "turrets"


i neeed help in tha hard mode lvl.... last 2 lol tha only way to defeat is ice tower i think, tree barly does anything and so does tha fire tower

o god, brillian, 1 enemy and u die o.o

how to beat this game!!!

normally I don't help people to win games but here it would really approve the rating of this game (I think it's great!!)

the key to winning this game is UPGRADING, once to have the firetower and poisontower and then every tower individualy, you do it by selecting a tower and then pushing the button that is located in the bottomright of your screen the attack of the tower will increase allot (THE RED BUGS DIE AFTER 5 RED TOWERS IN LEVEL 4)

one other thing that is explainend in the game but allot of people dont understand is that if you sell a tower you get all your money back including the one you pais for the upgrades so you can sell and rebuild a tower elsewhere without losing any money, if yo utime it right you could attack the bugs 2 times with the same towers

and last, just practise a little

my third time I made it in insane mode, so it is possible

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graphics 7:its pretty good
style 10:its really addicting
sound 0:Its not that I don think its good its just that I havent got a chance to listen to it yet.
violence 10:thosse poor bugs
interactivity 9:Why couldent the fairy fight herself? hey that gave me an idea maybe you could make a boss stage where the pixie has to fight a dark clone of herself.
humor 10:you can recycle your friends?

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