Transitions Episode 1

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Thanks to everyone who voted and got me frontpage/daily 1st!

Newcomers to Transitions please watch the trailer (on my 'other work by' link).

Here we are, after a month of on-off work on the first episode (cos i have a job too-saving for uni) it's finally here. I hope that it measures up to at least some of the expectations the fans of the trailer had, but most of all i hope everyone enjoys it.

This episode is predominantly parody with some action at the end, a little something for everyone. Please take it with a pinch of salt it is not meant to be offensive in any way.

Please leave constructive criticism if you have any!

Finally, thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make this possible. J



This has got to be one of the best Star Wars flash animations I have ever seen! EVER! You have a great style that totally reminds me of J. Vasquez, but it's still so original at the same time. This flash is totally AWESOME.

hashaw~hackshaCK~ AACCCCCKKK *cough*

*cough* hairball *cough*
ok this was great. I love the way those 2 guys were drawn rofl.
and even better the "predator" showed the head of the emporer? and special effects... aHHAHAH and then it i heard MEOW like a lil kitty lol....
damn it i sound like a kid. mainly becuase i am watching family guy the episode wher he finds out he is retarded. roflmfao... ANYWAYS. ........*10 minutes later*
this was REALLY done well. hehe the only thing besides of some other things i ccant remember right now. is the
part where there was small text on the top left... i had to look "INSIDE" of my comp to get a better look of what was bein typed... what ya could do there is maybe some voice's of crashed out dialog or w/e while they r getting slaughtered with the light saber's............. *10 minutes later* yea i must be going now instead of staring at this screen. roflmfao... 8/10 xD ^ ^" .l.

Brand-new-hero responds:

that text isnt meant ot be noticeable - you gotta look hard to read it cos its a 'hidden' extra. The predator holds up dookus decapitated head. Tnx for watchin!


nicies, it was good but lacked good lightsaber action

gr8 gr8 gr8 animation tho man!


very good flash and has plenty of humor. however the title seems a bit dull. The intro was really funny.

hope to see future transitions episodes

Very good! Actually better than that! v.v.v.good!

This was funny to say the least, very well thought up jokes, and the graphics (though simple for nath and larry) were perfect! I've still to find animation better than this, it flows so well!
I loved the bit with the Twil'lek hooker, so funny, nice one with the 'orange' thing ...and the chat bit on the clones...and everything!!!
a little constructive critisism though, the title just doesn't stand out, the scrolling words telling us background at the title would be a great way of adding some funny lines. just a though for episodes II and III...
But still I'm impressed beyond belief! Thanks for making something highly entertaining!

Brand-new-hero responds:

glad u liek the hsow! we could have added the scrolling text - but everyone uses that and its no loinger original and we didnt want to do it and make you sit thru all over again. Hence our info is on the loading screen and we stick u straight in there.

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2005
9:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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