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High School Daze Ep.2

rated 3.97 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Aug 7, 2005 | 10:59 PM EDT

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If you like this, please check out the writer of High School Daze's webcomic called Two Lonely Guys. It can be found on facebook at and Twitter by searching for @TwoLonely Guys. Please also watch a live action sitcom by the same author by clicking this link.

As with the first one, this is based on the real experences of my friends and I. We took the advice and worked a lot harder on the animation this time around. Without further ado here is High School Daze Episode 2: Lunchroom Lamentations.
If you liked this, check out the rest HSD as well as the other works by the author.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey boys! Awsome

This was the best movie i have seen in a Looooooong time. I def look foward to seeing more from you guys. There is a huge improvement since the last episode. This is DEF. FRONT PAGE worthy! I give this a 5 because of the little things and because of the story line. EVERYONE VOTE 5 Good job guys!
P.S. this is like the second review i written all year. :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I don't know...

First off, why the unnecessary language? It adds no extra humor and downplayed the movie. The jokes were a bit obvious and you clearly stole the "culinary abortion" line from Family Guy. Overall it's not an awful cartoon, but needs a lot of work.

iAmBaSsMaN107 responds:

I didn't steal it, I borrowed it. Yea, that part of this was originally a comic for my school's newspaper, and when I wrote it I thought I had come up with it. A few weeks later I realized it and couldn't/didn't feel like doing anything about it. When I wrote this script I didn't care about it anymore. It was funny and fit the rant pretty well. I don’t think it would be worth it to put a thing that said "Stewie from family guy said this first". As for the cursing, I didn't think it was over done. It could have survived without it, but eh, whatever.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice, more or less.

I do have to agree with Kenny on the hands thing. I know how hard hands are to position, next time just look at your hands and see how they're held. If this is #2, where is #1? I'd like to see it.

And a note to Kenny: If you're so concerned with criticizing the clothing in a little flash animation you have some of your own issues to fix.

The graphics were not cheap, they were fairly average with onyl the one major flaw. I'd like to see more. =]

iAmBaSsMaN107 responds:

Yea, I know the hands were flipped. If you watch the first one the hands looked terrible, so we had a revolutionary idea, scan my hands, trace them and color them. In some positions scanning my hands was really uncomfortable, namely "holding chicken patty" the right way. So I figured, "Hell I'll do it the wrong way, who will notice?" I guess everyone. sorry about that. thanks for your compliments. I agree with you with your note. I think looking at a band shirt, of a band I like, is more interesting then a blank shirt. That's just me. Can't please ‘em all.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


it was just boring...and whats with all the "punk"/"skater" shirts?...I love rancid, but this i couldnt finish. I reminded me of tomorrows nobodies gone nerdy kids ina lunch room. Nothing is wrong with a nerd, there are such things as kool nerds...

major problem with graphics...CHEAP...also kind of wrong, take asecond look at the "Rancid" shirt guy's hand again as he is eating the patty sandwhich thingy...they are flip-flopped. So it looks as if his hands were put on wrong, because they were.

iAmBaSsMaN107 responds:

I sorta responded to this in the next comment for some reason. So I guess I'll do this one at a time. 1. Punk/Skater shirts? I listen to punk, and my friend Victor (Vincent) skates. Brian doesn't even like the vandals, I made rich do that. Also what would you rather see? just black white and red shirts? That would be boring. Old Navy shirts? that would just suck. 2. Graphics? have you seen a lot of the flashes here? They have worse graphics then us, this took a hell of a long time and I think this time it was worth the effort. And the hands thing I talk about above. But really, that scene is less then 5 seconds long in a movie that is over 3 minutes. That's just nitpicking. What's the point of watching a flash movie if all your gonna do is point out those kinda things? I watch movies to laugh.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

this was awesome.........

wow that was a great flash it was just hilarious i wish there were more ppl making this kind of flash b/c that was just great good writing and ppl can actually relate to it.......its just great plz make more......