Strategy Guide Ep. 4

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Welcome to Strategy Guide, hosted by everyone's favorite intergalactic space alien Guido, and his pet cow Jorge! This time Guido takes a ride through one of the most underrated games of all time with his delusional stoner brother, Consuelo. A good time is had by all!

This episode is about 7 1/2 minutes long, so go get a snacky cake!

Sorry folks, but there are no current plans for an episode five. Yea I know, it's too bad. I actually have TONS of unreleased footage from a lost episode I'd love to compile but I don't think the interest is there anymore. I've moved on to greener pastures!



YES!!! Strategy Guide is BACK!!! SWEET!!! I love your stuff, man. Been waiting for this episode for a long time. Got tired of checking your website to see your progress. Was afraid you'd quit, but am glad to see you're back! Don't make us wait so long for the next one. GOOD JOB!!! Loved it.

Strategy Guide is back in action, loved it.

Strategy Guide is back in action, thank god! I thought this flash series was gone since there hasn't been an episode for so long and I love the third one with Bubble Bobble. Haha, I loved reminiscing about Blaster Master, very funny.

Keep up the episodes, I hope there will be a fifth episode soon =) I shall be waiting!


Holy shit I loved the hell out of that game.

You failed to mention however, how impossibly fucking hard that game was. Goddamn, that hopping tank was cool, but getting through that maze of insanity with only 3 lives was like convincing the officer she really IS 18.

Anyhow, another superb effort on your part. I'd have liked to see some comedic reference to the whole "throw a bomb on the boss, and then pause during the explosion" cheat, but hey, you can't win em all. Great use of the in-game footage and soundbytes, and thanks for making fun of that retarded story line. It was well deserved.

So. SG5 in what...2 weeks?


Ahh, the classics.

I've followed this series since it started, it's nice to see it again. I can't believe no one remembers Blaster Master... at age 22 I feel old as hell. You have all these kids who are all "Nintendo Rules!" Then have only played the really well known games while always having the option available to switch to their PS2 or their X-Box... Back in my day we had Nintendo and Atari! You didn't get all these nifty options. Blaster Master was a blessing of a game back then. Damn kids.

Anyway, good episode. I look forward to more with titles like "Bionic Commando" or "Double Dragon" "Excite Bike" "Marble Madness" "Skate or Die" "Contra" "Kung Fu" "Spy Hunter... The list just really keeps going doesn't it? It's kind of sad that I still play those games too.. Well, see you next time. Good job.

Dude! XD

I wondered what happened to you! The concept for this series rocked from day 1! Even though I've never even heard of the game reffered to in this edition, it's comic timing still made it worth watching... radioactive frog... lol there was some fucked storylines for games back in the day... XD

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Aug 7, 2005
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