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Rest in Peace Piconjo

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Many people have been wondering what happened to Piconjo. Piconjo and I were very close, we grew up together in the same neighborhood. Rest in Peace, Piconjo.


I'm sorry

I feel bad for all of the things I said about Piconjo. Looking back I was the one being a prick. Knowing that he's dead and gone is a sobering thought. You're a good friend though for making this flash for him and his fans.

catbrush responds:

Piconjo <3s j00.

Tradgic to lose your close friend.

I do agree with some of the mean comments.
But I never really expected this to happen. It's sad to lose someone who I hate, it's almost as if I lost part of my memory.

catbrush responds:

Yeah... It's very sad...

That's so sad.

I'm sorry about you're friend's death. I've seen some of the rude comments one of his flashes, but it's kinda rude you know. Making fun of artists is no good, but still. But all of sudden, I've saw this flash that makes me sad. :( I have my online friend who died in lung cancer couple years ago. Infact, I bless your heart and your friend's soul.

Rest in Peace.

catbrush responds:

Piconjo cries tears of sorrow from his pen0r of pow3r for your friend.

Piconjo <3s j00.

Sorry about your loss.

but i need to say this... piconjo... IS GONE! NO MORE SHITY GRAPIC MOVIES ON NEWGROUND!!! *Throws a big party inviting evry member of newground's* *cheer*

catbrush responds:

Piconjo died for j00rs sins.

PS Nice NG alias.

I...... I Don't know what to say......

I won't say anything to piss him off in his sleep........

catbrush responds:


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Aug 7, 2005
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