Neo-Bender 2 SE

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iCheez Animation Studios is proud to present The Neo-Bender Trilogy special edition!

I'm currently kinda busy working on Neo-Bender 3 special edition but I'd like to invite you to watch "Neo-Bender 2 special edition" - a 3:45 minute webanimation featuring Futurama's own Bender! - Introducing new techniques and state-of-the-art 3D animation this new Trilogy will unveil the REAL storyline behind the Neo-Bender Saga!

>> Please review the actual movie... You'll really enjoy it... I promise!!

Most Sincerely,
Diego C. Zuberbuhler

Special Thanx to Mike Reid for that great preloader!
>> Contact him at mike@mikereid.net


needs a lil work.

This wasant so bad. It needs a little work though, like bender should sound more like the actual bender from futurama.

Very good spoof!

Nice smooth graphics, funny spoof of the matrix!

one word "improvment"

well this one was accually very funny, and I just love when it goes into "neo" mode and you kept the lapd writing on the cops back, small things like that impress me but who the fk am I to say shit about ur awesome movie, good shit man time to smoke some more weed :-P

((( NICE )))

That was some nice work, i really like the up and close 3d views, and when it turned neon it was cool, audio was great just needed a more bender sounding to it, but still went over well, overall a great designed film, i was pleased, great job...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: neobender-ism...


stupid as hell

not only did i have to watch all that crap over again to see the second nowhere outcome, but both of them were shit! its like you set us up to be let down! I love bender but couldnt you have spent more than 2 seconds thinking of a plot or an ending? A waste of time, your giving futurama a bad name.

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3.56 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2001
11:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody