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Let's settle our differences, Newgrounds.
Join us: www.glockgroup.net

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Well, this certainly had a catchy song! Wow, we've changed so much since then. I mean, with the way the actual reviews are written. This is like a time capsule! Anyway, it's fine for what it is. I'm not that familiar with the Glock Group.

I guess you guys rank third behind the other ones. At least the designs are unique. I'm not going to insult you with a review, mostly because I don't hate it. Dang, I'm just reminded of that "The Amazing World Of Gumball" episode I just saw about rating stars. I just love that show so much.


not realy this isnt funny,clocks with glocks,bad music,and a comment in newgrounds,thats boring,how did this clip got a underdog of the the week prize?

historical spam

You know it's a funny thing.
The clock crew lock legion and glock group all started with a movie about one picture.
I thought that's a pretty clever response you gave to that review there.
It may be spam.
But it's not that bad.
But it should have still been longer and perhaps have a story.

Another true masterpiece

I have never before, until now, seen the amazing symbolism that was hidden all throughout the short film. A glocks were as our eyes, detached from us, in that we cannot see the obvious, even when it is right in front of us.


that was cool why cant we be friends is a good song choice