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DDR Strongbad

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Strongbad does DDR! Who knew?

(make sure to watch the demo fully until you get to the real game...)

To the Brothers Chaps and the creators of FlashFlashRevolution, if you don't like this being here I'll remove it. I really don't want to be sued... (its just a tribute to Strongbad and I accept no money or credit for the characters)

I'll keep working on a new and better version if people approve of the idea (and it will have an easier mode for those of you without fast reaction times...)

Please note: This is my first good flash (I taught myself using only tutorials), first time using actionscript, and furthermore first submittal. I hope it doesn't get Blammed...

Other than that, tell me what you think!



I absolutely LOVE Strong Bad. I love this game too.
The only problem I have with it is that the arrows move way too fast for my liking. Just thought I should say. Overall, I liked it ^_^

In closing,
I look good in red!

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What a good idea! Strangely addictive, just like DDR and FFR. Annnnd with Strong Bad, who I absolutely LOVE. He's my favorite.

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This was a good submission. The song was cool, and a neat idea to boot.

The arrows aren't too fast nor too slow. The only problem I see with this is that the arrows were a little off on the music, although I can't complain since the real game likes to throw a wild arrow in too. You get a 7. :D

i sucked

even tho i sucked at it, it was still good.

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Most definitely an awesome idea, go with it!

Yeah, i like Homestar and FFR, so this was quite fun to play.
However, i definitely like other's ideas of maybe adding different difficulties and maybe providing a little more explanation for people that havent played FFR. Also, the timing could use some work, but that can be hard with flash animation, and i give u credit for the good job u have done.

Anyways, a good idea that i think should be continued!

I also love the music!

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1.89 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2005
4:34 AM EDT