Batman (Animutated)

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This morning, I was bored. I hadn't made any of my FAMED Animutations recently... Then I was suddenly struck with INSPIRATION! I would do... the Batman Movie Theme. I've been a fan of Danny Elfman for a while now, but I never thought any of his scores were very Animutatable, but I think I got lucky lucky with this one and it ended up very funny. With the Japanese songs, you never understood what was happening, and I just contributed to that with more insanity. Now, there's no singing in the Batman Movie Theme. You know the plot of the movie (actually, I forgot most of it while I was making this. :) All the insanity comes straight from my own interpretation of the movie.
It's... really different, which is the intent. The intent of all my Animutations, in fact.
Tell your friends. Tell all your friends.


Public Service Announcement

Listen Neil, you can do beter, I know you can. I follow your work on albinoblacksheep and you musta been hit on teh head hard to make this. :'(


Try harder, I know you were bored but if your going to sumbit something at least sumbit something good

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What the heck?

What was the whole point of this? I mean...there seemed to be nothing...the only good thing to it was the Batman music score. I mean come on...it really could have been so much better. I understand that if your bored go do something...but next time...do something a little more productive.

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This thing frickin rules!

I don't get it.

Was there any sort of point to that? It was like a grade school collage had a sordid affair with a Flash player and this was their shameful offspring....

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Jul 23, 2001
9:45 PM EDT
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