GG-Glonk at 1AM

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I'm going to be blunt, there should be a law against the "glock group" having any form of animating softwear to their names ever, so to prevent such terrible wastes of time from ever occuring again.

This is the second submission that I have seen by the "glock group", and its the exact same thing as the last one. Crap. I will never again watch another submission by you, ever.

ArseOnToast responds:

cool. you're such a rebel :D


This movie was so bad that it wasnt even funny. Also it was as if u knew it was going to be bad telling us about the rules and who is watchin us.This was terrible

ArseOnToast responds:

Speaking English for dummies. $19-99 from all your major book shops


even if i was a fan i would blam it, the graphics were okay (this time)
but nothing happend, it was just a line of creatures with a glock on their head, waiting for nothing to happen

:~> Ugh

This is the second time I watch a movie from you guys and I'm still unimpressed. I still don't understand why such appology for guns and the need to immitate or satirize the clock crew. (are you former CC members?) And I still don't get the purpose of your movies.

This movie wasn't any funny, inspiring or pleasant in any way, neither it featured fantastic action scenes or kung-fu movies... it's not entertaining at all. So I ask myself, what's up with this movie?

Seems all you wanted was to piss off people, submitting a senseless 10-sec animation (well-drawn, I must admit) and throwing on them the review guidelines (as if they didn't know).

So, for the lack of what's most essencial in a movie, that is, the plot, I give "Glonk at 1AM" a very low 4.

# Poirot #

Its been done.

The fact is this is a half way reproduction of EvilBerry Clock's "The Gonk At 1AM".

ArseOnToast responds:

cough I am evilberry clock cough

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1.50 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2005
1:40 PM EDT
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