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Amy's Love

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Ah-ha! So I'm not dead! I'm convinced that no one is really reading this, but to that one person who will take the time: a sequel is coming. Can't say when, but I can say that it'll happen. 'But, balto-boy, this movie doesn't deserve a sequel.' Well, consider it my triumphant return to flash. I bring more movies, but less suck. Anyways, it'll happen, don't ask when, I'll see you all later.

Duh da-duh da DA!!!! 50,000 views! It might have taken a year, nine months, and 21 days, but it's been done!

Why is this thing's score getting higher? People are going to get the wrong idea, you know.

This is a flash short about Amy and Tails discussing Amy's Sonic craze. Please go easy on the movie; I'm a beginner and I haven't gotten sound quality down yet. Anyway, thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy it!

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Lol, this is a SONAMY, and TAILAMY FANFIC guys! Meep.

Wait,isn't sonic supposed to lose rings and not blood?
I don't know why its like that.



if this was animated well instead of sprites, this could be a great flash, the contents good too. just something to consider...