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Metal Slug: Mayhem

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This is my first time using a preloader, i've tested it and at worst it should come up at around 10%, but everything seems to work :).

Story: Good old man vs machine warfare, Marco, Fio and other Metal Slug characters appear in this flash, fighting with all they can as they struggle to survive, while protecting a poor civilian town.

Depending on the speed you read at, the flash is roughly 2 - 3 minutes. Any questions feel free to add me to msn or mail me through the address in my profile. I will try to reply to all comments, unless they are pointlessly offensive. I hope you enjoy the movie.



i liked it, good work..... 4/5
but could u pleeeeaase tell me where you got the sprites????

SuperTom responds:

Glad you liked it, this is one of the main pages I found all my sprites on, put them to good use, if you use them =).


Thanks for your review.

Thumbs up to you!

This was quite good. The animation did get a little dodgy at some points, so you should check for faults.

SuperTom responds:

I know what ya mean, I noticed that some parts jumped around and attempted re-doing them, but the same problems occured, I may try fixing it up a bit more at a later dater. Cheers for your review.


The sound got kicked, and absolutely no jokes at all, but your plotline was good, and you did well with the sprites. Are you gong to make a second one, or no?

SuperTom responds:

Thanks, at the moment this seems to be my most popular flash, if this is still the case after i release my next wave of stuff, then I will probably work on a conclusion since i've already got a story in mind.

cheers for the review.

MetalSlug R00lz!

good movie, sometimes a few sound problems but i hope for more
(I`m playing at the moment Metalslug4 on PS2 =)

SuperTom responds:

Glad you liked it, i've been meaning to get that game for a while now, i've only actually played it once in an arcade, but loved it.

I think layering up all the sounds and music caused the sound to go crap at one point or two points :(.Good luck with MS4 and Cheers for your review. :)

Pretty good

nice flash, all in all, but the ending's a bit strange...Marco RUNS form the big guy with the machine gun? What's up with that?

SuperTom responds:

Glad you liked it, Marco runs for a few reasons:

1. A fight scene would have been boring as I only have running and shooting sprites for him at the moment.

2. It leaves more room for a sequel if I choose to make one.

3. I got lazy.

Thanks for your review =).

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2005
7:18 AM EDT