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Metal Slug: Mayhem

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This is my first time using a preloader, i've tested it and at worst it should come up at around 10%, but everything seems to work :).

Story: Good old man vs machine warfare, Marco, Fio and other Metal Slug characters appear in this flash, fighting with all they can as they struggle to survive, while protecting a poor civilian town.

Depending on the speed you read at, the flash is roughly 2 - 3 minutes. Any questions feel free to add me to msn or mail me through the address in my profile. I will try to reply to all comments, unless they are pointlessly offensive. I hope you enjoy the movie.


pretty cool stuff

good work. kinda short though. make more

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You should have fio be brainwashed into working for the robots in teh sequel. Good show though

is... there a number two?

That was great, but where's number 2. It would be great if they turned Fio into a robot thingy and Marco had to face her... no thats a sequel... ok, ok. I'll just keep my ideas to myself. Im sure you have other plans... But, still. It would be great if you had a number two.

Thats Funny...

Cause I never knew Marco could hold a gun when he was four. I also didn't know that Fio could hold a gun when she was 1.

SuperTom responds:

=) Thanks for your review.

Good job!

I hope there will be a sequel to this soon for I would like to know what happens after the reinforcements arrive. :D Still, this is a very nice video of a battle of man against machine indeed so I hope there will be a sequel. :)

SuperTom responds:

Thanks man, I hope so too, only time will tell, i've got all sorts of ideas for a squel but i'm currently in the middle of a few projects, so if anythings coming, it won't be for quite a while.

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2005
7:18 AM EDT