Ja Rule Duets II

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It'll make ya HOLLA!



wut would i b wit out y000000

g-unit is kicking ass

fuck ja rule, he sucks rapping just like in this movie. all ya faggots, you konw g-unit is better and just stop acting like your all bad and shit, cause you with the wrong muthafucken group!!

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He's right

It's about time somebody let these G-Unit lovers know about tha REAL rap game. 50 spit alot of gangsta shit but he knows to stay his ass outta New York cuz The Lox, Wu Tang, Fat Joe, and Ja don't like him. If you know anything about the rap game, then you know not to fuck them cuz they are the REAL Gs. He's always singin about being in tha club, but he don't step foot in any club in NY. Elite knows what I'm talkin about


ok this was funny ja rule is a joke but 2 the idiot sexynigga whos comment is like 4 under mine jadakiss would fuck up 50 cent ok g-unit is a joke game fucking ripped them for 15 minutes loyd banks is tight but hes the only 1 so dont talk about rap unless u kno wat ur talking about all u do is watch mtv and think that 50 is a gangster he made 1 good cd that was his 1st he has nothing 2 sing about anymore hes eminems bitch and without dre's beats he'd be nothing and game would fuck him up as he did in 300 bars o and 50 went crying back 2 game just so u kno and game told him 2 fuck off and if u dont believe me then listen 2 the song and jadakiss he fucking ripped 50 on his own beat and 50 hasnt done shit 2 get back at them cuz he knos he cant fuck with them all he can do is say ggggg g-unit every fucking song his lyrics r garbage so stfu sexynigga u dont kno shit about the rap game.

That was a hilarious!

I also liked the way you snuck in the G-Unit chain around his neck.

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3.74 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2005
5:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody