The Sun Glock Series Pt.2

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This time it's an environmental theme.

Join us: www.glockgroup.net

Special thanks to voice actors:
That other guy


I knew it all along...

Okay, it has occured to me that you actually have something original. Not just in the FLASH, but in your responses to reviewers, like myself, who purposely look for crap and dis them left and right. Chances are that you probably have some good insult lined up for me in my previous statements. Anyway, This was alot better. I knew Smokey the bear would do that, I was always suspicious of that bear as a kid. As for Caption Planet, that is the reason why I put humor for ten. Hilarious. On to three.

sunglock responds:

heh. thanks. I'm actually responding your reviews backwards so I'll be seeing the pt.1 review last.


ok, the part wit captain was ok, the other parts kinda sucked and made no sense. u should do a flash all about that. but good work man i knoiw its hard to make toons

Very funny!

Don't listen to those losers, the Glock Group is here to stay! The Smokey movie was absolutely hilarious! Dude is a weak movie however, but the song was good. Captain was an okay movie not as good as Smokey though. Raining was also weak. But still great job sunglock!

sunglock responds:

thanks Mr.Bones. We are here to stay


oh yeah that's right from my last review you don't use speakonia you use the type reading assitant! Well shit that makes you soooooooooo much better! ¬_¬

Not sure exactly what the aim of this group is (though it's probably the old 'safety in numbers' bit XD) but if this edition was anything to go by, there was signs of effort here that puts the average star syndicate daily toon and lock legion movie to shame... but frankly that's not a hugely hard thing to do...

sunglock responds:

type reading assistant? once again you make an ass of yourself. Those were real voices.


I usually dont like glock stuff, but today I actually took time to watch one, and the last 3 were pretty funny. I dunno why, but the Captin Planet one cracked me up. It's pretty good. I gave it a 5.

sunglock responds:

this is an amazing turn of events

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1.17 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2005
12:53 AM EDT
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