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Autumn Tree

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Author Comments

April 20, 1999. The world was in shock as camera footage was shown on television of SWAT teams evacuating students out of an american high school. It was the last moments of a terrible tragedy that cost 13 victims their lives and left many more severly injured. The two responsible, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, turned out to be 2 teenage students themselves of Columbine High, making the motivation of the tragedy even more uncomprehendable.

Autumn Tree is a story based on the lives of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Whitout it being a complete reconstruction, it shows the situation before and during the tragedy. For more information we would strongly recommend to read the authors comments in te menu.

Just a few words considering AT. Alot of this movie is fact based. Do you think we made up the Natural Born Killer poster? Fact is that Eric Harris even codenamed the tragedy 'NBK'. Also allmost all the situations really happened. Dylan taping Eric, the friend who they spared in front of school, the 'Do you believe in God' conversation.... Know the facts before you start to write a 2 paged opinion about their motives when you have no idea what you are talking about. We dont know what was the cause, we simply try to show it from all angles, close to how it really was.

Also the dialogue in the last scene was taken from what they literally said during the massacre.


I am sorry but

I do not know how to rate this considering this was a true story and synxz fuck you this might have been made anywhere but this was a true story it is easy to get guns and bullying is a realism i used to e bullied then I stuck up for myself screw youre thoughts. Nice work at reminding these people about what happened this is a very sad story we all thank you!


to be pushed to that because some person doesn't feel good enough about themselves is just horrible. and yet i have a gut feeling nothing will change, people will continue to bully to feel better about themselves and occasionally someone will reach their breaking point and do something like this. it's a vicious cycle.

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a sad story

i liked the video. not because of the violence or anything. i like it due to the fact that you made it to remind people of what happened. people these days seem to forget the saddest moments in history and i think reminding us all of things like this will keep us in check so we wont repeat history...

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Still chilling a decade after the real massacre

Well-made and one of the saddest things I've ever seen. The scary part remains the relatability of the killers. If I'd had a different environment, different interests and feelings of persecution and hopelessness, maybe I would have met a similarly needless, tragic end and taken others with me. One of the things so many people seem to forget about high school is that it's not a time when anyone is a fully formed individual. In retrospect it's probably why all my teachers in high school were often sad, tired and/or angry. Most of the time they were interacting mostly with people who LITERALLY were "not all the way there," at least not yet. I bet that sometimes it can grate on a teacher the same as if they were a nurse in a psych ward or a rehab clinic. The downside of this state of incompleteness in teen-agers is the judgement-making centers in the brain are NOT fully formed. A big part of why this tragedy happened is this. Don't think there's any science to it? See how many drunk driving fatalities, hell, how many driving fatalities period, there are in the 15-20 age group. Now compare that with any other age group. Developmental biology is not the only piece of the puzzle, but it's a big one. Sorry for rambling. Again, a great, fact-based short.

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a very good flash movie

It's funny how they only killed the people that caused them pain and they left the friends alone, it proves that they ARE human. People tend to think they were monsters but they were pushed to the point they didn't care about life any longer by others, if all you know is pain all you can cause is pain. If all you know is love you are incapable of hate, if anything their peer's were the cause of the massacre, yes there was a choice but in their case it was black and white because that's all they knew, if society wasn't so hard on certain people there would be no shootings, try to look at things from all perspectives before judging others, yes they killed but only to show others how harsh thing's are for teen's on a universal level and it caused a global wake up call, yes it's sad for the martyr's but the sacrifice wasn't in vain.

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Aug 4, 2005
6:49 PM EDT
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