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SS Time Trials 23

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Aug 4, 2005 | 4:30 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hello there, Newgroundites!

Today, we present to you after a long hiatus, the 23rd edition of Star Syndicate Time Trials! We have a swell line-up for you today, including the fnatastic adventures of Arrow Lock, and the fun bouncy antics of Roger in ZekeySpaceyLizard's piece.




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

No time for chit-chat, let's get to it:

GrandfatherClock: Holy crap that block of cheese is huge.... oh wait. #;-}> Very delightfully Monty-Python-humour-filled. And the lil' stick just sitting there at the Oasis.... until suddenly... ZOOOM. Awwww, poor ol' pyramiddy.

penisstar: We may not want to know what it looks like, but we're left wondering anyway. And you certainly didn't leave what teh penisstar's penis would look like were he to go down on Threestar, so... yeah. Not much was left to our imagination anyway! Heh.

ArrowLock: .... well, that was well-animated in its disturbing cockness. What's with the square-shaped red lips? Nevermind, he's got a black hand, dark grey skin and a brown penis head, so.... why am I asking about his lips. O_O Nice subtle text overlay, BTW.

TwoStar: Scribbly x 10.... but... Bleh. Awful song (for various reasons). The visuals are okay, if short.

ZekeySpaceyLizard: Nice misty atmosphere... UFOness... and... an advisory regarding some sort of green tea called Matcha in a cup? O_O I know I'm getting repetitive here, Zekester, but it was delightfully random yet wayyyy too short. Leaving us wanting more isn't so bad since you submit movies so damned often, but personally I'd rather have less movies from ya with longer and more rewarding plots/timespans/whatevers. That's all. Yep.

Anyway, nicely varied, nicely varied indeed. Good selection, methinks.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Welcome Back Time Trials =)

And such a swell return this is!

GrandfatherClock = lmao!, ohh poor phillip teh pyramid =O

ZekeySpaceLizard = Nice graphics! But very strange (if any) plot =P

TwoStar = lol, i'm very shocked you've had no hate reviews about this submission yet. I think i may've seen it before from another collab....hmm!

Penisstar = Hawt star s3x0r....yummeh....

ArrowLock = Kinda strange and disturbing! Did you spot the hidden message?!?!

Overall, good work guys! Very good work indeed! But isn't the "Suitable for all ages" rating a tad misleading! =P


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

why Zekey spacey lizard, why??????

Obviously space lizard was the best one there. I liked phillip the pyramid, but i thought he was going to curse the guy out when he left or do something spontanoues, like explode or scream. The rest of it was trash. Must one join the Star Syndicate to work on a flash with them, or how does that work?




Rated 1 / 5 stars

What the hell?

How do you guys keep making these? I've seen first timers do better than this! Why do you people keep letting these things past? This is why no one respects the Star Syndicate. Start TRYING!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not very good

I am saddened by the ability of low quality submissions to make it into the flash portal. Many of the graphics could have been done better. In the future i sujest spending more time on the human form, when you are drawing humans

I also sujest for style points that you do something original that hasn't been done before. The clocks/locks in this movie have been very over done

I also noticed your need to resort to sexual inuendo to get a laugh... unfortunatly i did not find it funny in the least.

So what i am saying is, work on your drawing skills and make your submissions more original. Good luck with your next submission and i hope it was better than this one. The movie could have been a lot better