Little Red Riding Ho!

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NSFW attacks another fairytale, this time doing a Pimps-n-Hoes take on the classic "Little Red Riding Hood".
The way to read this interactive story is to click on everything (especially boobies) and see what it does. There are certain things you have to "activate" before you can turn the page (like boobies).

It's the end when it sez "THA END".

WARNING: Contains BOOBIES (and worse).


that was frickin sick!!!

in both ways! soo funny i almost pissed my self..... oh wait thats not piss... hmmm.. oh well that was real good and sooo origonal!

holy crap

this piece is totally original and I love it plus the tabs are great


I would like to say first off i did not like the lumberjack on the wolf scene.I gave it a 7 because the storyline was good and it was very creative.


That was pretty good and all but... that was overdoing it with the scene with the wolf and lmber jack but even worse was the strapon... but all in all it was pretty good.

disgunstingly amusing

narration was good and funny, the tabs where original and a good idea, the story was funny although pretty disgunsting, i had to look away a few times and block my ears when there was sound effects of the lumber jack and wolf *cringes* this is one of the best movies ive seen on newgrounds

NotSafeForWork responds:

I made that sound by covering my hands in lube and squelching them together.

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Aug 4, 2005
10:27 AM EDT
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