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It has always been a dream to be on the DBZ collections, and after 5 long years, i made it! This is an original series I made up. To see them from start to finish, go to other submissions and watch them in order. Youll be hooked after episode 1!
For more info on me and this, check out "thedbzfan" on myspace!



It was ok I guess.. wasn't bad and wasn't exactly great..
and yes.. we all love Final Fantasy 7.. I do.. the next guy that reviews it does.. the next guy that hits "no" for a helpfull review loves Final Fantasy 7.. but WHY .. WHY USE ONE WINGED ANGEL!? there are THOUSANDS of flashes that ALREADY use that song! Try something else!
Other than that.. good job...

djchrispy responds:

Hah...Because Episode 5 had duel of the fates in it, and i loved the way it made it feel epic. One winged angel had always been an idea for me on this one. Havent seen any other flashes that have it, to tell you the truth. If i had known it would have been a cliche i would have searched for a different song, but all in all i think it went well. Also most that use it use the game version, and not the orchestra one.

Good stuff

Nice job, really, the story was good, the sound effects were perfect, the music rocked (luv that Sephiroth theme), and the graphics were pretty good as well. The only thing that wasn't done quite so well was the fight scene between the guy that had just become evil and the original hero...a bit too confusionary. Try to make the whole thing a bit slower and the moves a bit more precise, next flash.

Keep up the good work

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djchrispy responds:

Episode 5 was the slower fight, if you want to basically see what you just asked for go watch that one! Other than that, thanks for the props bro, i really do appreciate your effort as much as you appreciate mine!

As always: Brilliant!

Well, I can say without doubt that this is the best DBZFAN yet and I was glad I managed to keep up with this series from almost the beginning!
First thing I noticed was that you had voices this time, which is a great bonus!
And it was also good to see Chris finally "ascending" to his blue haired version that you showed to us in the DBZ crew ages ago!
The music fit the mood and action perfectly.
I remember you recently said in the DBZ crew that this is not your last episode? So does that mean Rob wasn't killed by that final blast there?
If not, I yet again look forward to the next installment!
Great job!

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djchrispy responds:

WHERE THE HELL IS VEGETA SSJ lol. Thats becoming a catch phrase around here barry. OK, i made through with 5 years of my time for ya. Now make through with a couple months and give me VEGETA DAMMIT.
Thanks for being one of the dudes that kept me motivated through this.


this movie was awesome, fantastic, superb and brilliant. I love this kind of stuff keep it up. if u can make more of these plz.

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djchrispy responds:

Wow. I had no idea that my movie was all four of those things! Thank you for letting me know, ill fix it right away. lol. Im being silly. Thanks for dropping a line! People like you who take 2 minutes out of their life to drop me a line really make it worthwhile to spend the countless hours it took to make this :] thank you.


awesome flash, i was lovin' the effects...I thought it was going to be another typical dbz flash...but it was kool!! ^^ the camera was just a little to crazy though, it was going everywhere, and the two characters look somewhat a like, mostly thier clothing...I look forward to ur next flash ^^

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djchrispy responds:

Yeah when I began this series oh-so-long-ago, I set out to make something completely unique, so even though it has DBZ in the title, youll find no starring DBZ characters or cliche's. The camera is nuts, isnt it? I dont see a whole lot of movies in flash that can get the feeling of a camera down. I was hoping to capture almost a live-action feel with the way i made the "camera effect". Im really glad you liked it! If you like this movie you might like the others. This is a series worth watching in its entirety for sure. Theres never really a dull moment!

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3.90 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2005
11:39 PM EDT