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During the summer of 2000 we created a 20 minute clay animation called Over There. In its original form, it never saw the light of day. 5 years later, we've re-written several scenes, re-recorded the sound, cut out 4 minutes and added an original musical score! It will be submitted in a handful of segments due to the length and file size. Here's a little taste of what's to come!



That last guy was a gaytard. It was good. I liked it. The characters aren't very detailed, but that's ok, because not many are.



lol cant wait for it

cant wait for it to hit the front page so I can check it out work really hard so I dont have to wait ^_^ just messing

Dustball responds:

Thanks. Actually it was on the front page for a few hours this morning, heh heh.


Dustball and gel, you are one of the best teams newgrounds has to offer. You guys never fail to dissapoint, and you always create original and creative works(like the peoplemation thingy with all the fans.) Anyways i really liked this!

The graphics were great. I thought Knox and Fremont were the only ones allowed to do claymations, and now i see you guys got skillls too. The clay seemed put together well and the movement was very smooth. I see the effort you guys put in. The style was great too, i mean animating with clay, and not being Knox or Fremont, its like a whole new type of animation. The idea seems pretty creative too. The sound was good, i enjoyed the music playing in the backround, and the voices had great expression. The humour in this was good too, it made me smile here and there.

Overall this was a great preview, i cant wait for the first full episode, ill be sure to watch it! 4/5


That was Great!

A pity we'll never get to see the original. This looks quite impressive. I like the artwork. The title drop is weird. I mean, it's a pretty generic one. At least it works! Wasn't there already a trailer for this?

It just seems kind of pointless. It's still nice to see this stuff. The designs of the characters are pretty unique. I wish the picture was bigger. I'm more into the actual cartoon.

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Aug 3, 2005
11:22 PM EDT