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A milk truck ran over my dog.

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I don't get it

Did you create other accounts to vote on your own flash? -because this is just a loop of a cat touching itself and it's nothing to be amazed for.
This is crud man, don't fill Newgrounds with trash just because you can.

Holy Boner!

I love it! Keep up the good work!

Not Very good :-/

The Graphics were glitchy and at one point i was floating in the air, and also why couldn't I kill the enemies without dying? and why isn't there a background?

uhh not very good

this was not a very good game, the jumping was good but u left the background white wich i dont like, nd i dont understand y u cant jump on the koopas. the attack buttong dosent wrk, it was bad try again...

its alright...

too many glitches. fix it, add better graphics, then we'll talk. but for now, I'm not giving you anything higher than a 4. good concept, anyway. But if wario and waluigi are better, why do they keep getting owned? 7_7
Do better though. My attack button doesn work, and i cant jump on the koopa. you need to fix it and make it better though. thats all. I can tell you tried, and plus its your first game. you did better than some other people did on their first try.