Lord of the Dance Game

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*UPDATE* I realised I set the necessary score to unlock the bonus level way too high. It's been made considerably easier.

Lord of the Rings based Dance Dance Revolution game.

Arrow keys and space bar to play.

Yes, the dancing hobbit is supposed to be Frodo.


Good, but flawed.

Okay, I liked it, it was fun, and the bonus song was great. However, you've got three problems. Problem the first: No quality shift button. On low end computers, those arrows are very problematic. Problem the second: The arrows didn't go along to the music very well. Finally, big problem, not anywhere near difficult at any point. If you'd like to see proper difficulty for this sort of game, check out flashflashrevolution. It's at its own dot com. Anyway, it's a VERY well made flash DDR type game and the songs on there that are high difficulty, such as "For Masters Only" really are pretty tough. So yeah, uh.. good job.

This game Roxz!

I got an A on every lvl...even the bonus song...Bilbo!
The Bilbo song roxz!


I don't know, I didn't really like it. Not very interesting, you know?

What the (-)e//?

Um.. That's kinda wierd what you did. What's up with thw music? Is that suppose to be credits of the song or something? You get an 8.

come on.

wtf r u sopossed to press for the ring. i cound't find it! THE SCREEN WAS TOO BIG FOR MY SERVER. AND Y IS THERE ONLY THREE FUCKING LEVELS????!!!!!!!!!!

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2005
7:33 PM EDT
Skill - Typing