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A Message to Mrs. Clinton

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There are a bunch of subtleties in this film.

The two pals (one of whom goes unnamed) pick up a copy of Halo 2. Satire ensues.

This took me 2 days to complete, and I formed ALL graphics with a labtop pad (no mouse, characters including).

The "pal" on the right has no name; If one of you is capable of conjuring up a suitable name, that shall be his title.

This was derived to be a short commentary on the Hot Coffee Modification dillemna.

Additional points: The hot coffee mod is a mod that MANUALLY MODIFIES THE GAME SCRIPT. If you enter and modify the code of a game with instruction, then are shocked at the results, you're a fucking moron.


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9/10, Good point,but your a fucking idiot for making this an adult game


You spelt wholesome wrong.


1.) Learn to speak voice-overs. You sounded half asleep
2.) Your not the only one who reads Maddox.
3.) It would've been funny if you weren't the first one to do a flash on Hilary Clinton.


The argument's been made before, but the flash wasn't bad. The goatse at the end really wasn't necessary, or desired. Never do that again.

The different side of humor...

So ture. Someone's been reading their maddox :).